Anna B A Lutze grave monument in General cemetery, Lobethal, South Australia, Australia

Anna B A Lutze grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Anna B A Lutze
Rev Theodor W Lutze
1962741888husband of Anna B A Lutze
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image: 446
grave: 220300
Hilda Lowe
image number 446
image: 447
grave: 220301
R W Herbert Wuttke
image number 447
image: 448
grave: 220302
Alex Brockhoff
image number 448
image: 449
grave: 220303
Emma Gerhardy
image number 449
image: 450
grave: 220304
Alfred Rohrlach
image number 450
image: 452
grave: 220305
Friederich Wihelm Rohrlach
image number 452
image: 454
grave: 220306
Theodor C Backen
image number 454
image: 455
grave: 220307
Johann Carl Friedrich Schulz
image number 455
image: 459
grave: 220308
J Gottlieb Schulz
image number 459
image: 460
grave: 220309
Alma Elizabeth Paech
image number 460
image: 461
grave: 220310
Anna B A Lutze
image number 461
image: 463
grave: 220311
Daniel Julius Herman Juers
image number 463
image: 464
grave: 220312
Herman Gottlieb Schubert
image number 464
image: 465
grave: 220313
Arnold Emil Paech
image number 465
image: 466
grave: 220314
Malcolm Paech Rohrlach
image number 466
image: 467
grave: 220315
Alan Gordon Tully
image number 467
image: 472
grave: 220316
Edwin Paul Henschke
image number 472
image: 473
grave: 220317
Rene Paech
image number 473
image: 476
grave: 220318
Adelaide May Friedrichs
image number 476
image: 477
grave: 220319
Audrey Pingel
image number 477
image: 478
grave: 220320
Lorna Rita Schubert
image number 478

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