August Wilhelm Lutze grave monument in General cemetery, Lobethal, South Australia, Australia

August Wilhelm Lutze grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
August Wilhelm Lutze
Nora Lutze
daughter of August Wilhelm Lutze
Ruby Lutze
daughter of August Wilhelm Lutze
Edna Lutze
daughter of August Wilhelm Lutze
Aileen Lutze
daughter of August Wilhelm Lutze
Clem Lutze
son of August Wilhelm Lutze
Cyril Lutze
son of August Wilhelm Lutze
Desmond Lutze
son of August Wilhelm Lutze
Esther Edith Lutze
1963701893wife of August Wilhelm Lutze
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image: 790
grave: 219931
Paul Michael
image number 790
image: 791
grave: 219932
Hermann August Steicke
image number 791
image: 792
grave: 219933
Kingsley Alfred Mason
image number 792
image: 793
grave: 219934
Daniel Reinhold Edmond Brettig
image number 793
image: 795
grave: 219935
Claud Rae Sandercock
image number 795
image: 796
grave: 219936
Benno E Hoffmann
image number 796
image: 798
grave: 219937
Paul O H Weyland
image number 798
image: 799
grave: 219938
William John Little
image number 799
image: 801
grave: 219939
Bertha Smith
image number 801
image: 802
grave: 219940
Pauline Anna Kerber
image number 802
image: 804
grave: 219941
August Wilhelm Lutze
image number 804
image: 805
grave: 219942
David A H Oborn
image number 805
image: 806
grave: 219943
Grace Louise Hill
image number 806
image: 808
grave: 219944
Ernst Alfred Schapel
image number 808
image: 809
grave: 219945
Albert A Harvey
image number 809
image: 810
grave: 219946
Burton Stirling Dearman
image number 810
image: 811
grave: 219947
Adolph Gustav Klemm
image number 811
image: 812
grave: 219948
Wilhelmina Hulda Fox
image number 812
image: 813
grave: 219949
Alan Vickers
image number 813
image: 814
grave: 219950
Elliot George Fox
image number 814
image: 815
grave: 219951
James Robert Fox
image number 815

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