Ada May Cox grave monument in Happy Valley cemetery, Happy Valley, South Australia, Australia

Ada May Cox grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ada May Cox
Joyce Cox
daughter of Ada May Cox
Myra Cox
daughter of Ada May Cox
Isabel Cox
daughter of Ada May Cox
Sylvia Cox
daughter of Ada May Cox
Gordon Cox
1988991889husband of Ada May Cox
Jack Cox
son of Ada May Cox
Darcy Cox
son of Ada May Cox
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image: 1053
grave: 219292
Ella Beatrice Turner
image number 1053
image: 1054
grave: 219293
Drusilla Powell
image number 1054
image: 1055
grave: 219294
Vera Millicent Fabian
image number 1055
image: 1056
grave: 219295
Emma Eugene Bond
image number 1056
image: 1057
grave: 219296
Sarah Emily Lang
image number 1057
image: 1058
grave: 219297
John Gibson
image number 1058
image: 1059
grave: 219298
John Mervyn Wood
image number 1059
image: 1060
grave: 219299
Harvey Easton
image number 1060
image: 1061
grave: 219300
Ephraim Charles Alcock
image number 1061
image: 1062
grave: 219301
Annie Louisa Klar
image number 1062
image: 1063
grave: 219302
Ada May Cox
image number 1063
image: 1064
grave: 219303
John J P McGrath
image number 1064
image: 1065
grave: 219304
Emma Alexander
image number 1065
image: 1066
grave: 219305
Elfi Friedel
image number 1066
image: 1067
grave: 219306
Werner Friedel
image number 1067
image: 1068
grave: 219307
Desmond James Nicholson
image number 1068
image: 1069
grave: 219308
Elizabeth Richmond
image number 1069
image: 1070
grave: 219309
Dieter Hinze
image number 1070
image: 1071
grave: 219310
Arthur Eli Hobbs
image number 1071
image: 1072
grave: 219311
Sally Anne Baker
image number 1072
image: 1073
grave: 219312
H M Nicolle
image number 1073

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