Alfed James Lomas grave monument in St John Norway burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alfed James Lomas grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfed James Lomas
Flora E Bell
wife of Alfed James Lomas
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alfed James Lomas grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 215196)

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image: LankinRca
grave: 215186
Robert C Lankin
image number LankinRca
image: Lavoiea
grave: 215187
Rene Lavoie
image number Lavoiea
image: LeachJLa
grave: 215188
John Lawrence Leach
image number LeachJLa
image: Lelacheura
grave: 215189
William Lelacheur
image number Lelacheura
image: LeslieAa
grave: 215190
Alexander Leslie Sanders
image number LeslieAa
image: LewisSelinaa
grave: 215191
Selina Law
image number LewisSelinaa
image: Licencea
grave: 215192
Frederick John Licence
image number Licencea
image: Liscuma
grave: 215193
George Liscum
image number Liscuma
image: Lobana
grave: 215194
Christina Loban
image number Lobana
image: LockeJHa
grave: 215195
John H Locke
image number LockeJHa
image: Lomasa
grave: 215196
Alfed James Lomas
image number Lomasa
image: LongJVa
grave: 215197
Joseph Vincent Long
image number LongJVa
image: Longstaffea
grave: 215198
Edwin Longstaffe
image number Longstaffea
image: LoweRa
grave: 215199
Reuben Lowe
image number LoweRa
image: LumbersWCa
grave: 215200
William C Lumbers
image number LumbersWCa
image: Lyea
grave: 215201
Helen E Stephenson
image number Lyea
image: MacDonaldCa
grave: 215202
Catherine Jane MacDonald
image number MacDonaldCa
image: MacDonaldEa
grave: 215203
Earl Walter MacDonald
image number MacDonaldEa
image: MacdonaldEMa
grave: 215204
Ethel M MacDonald
image number MacdonaldEMa
image: MacDonaldKa
grave: 215205
Kate MacDonald
image number MacDonaldKa
image: MaceEdithA
grave: 215206
Francis A Mace
image number MaceEdithA

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