Thomas R Jarvis grave monument in St John Norway burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas R Jarvis grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas R Jarvis
Annie I Jarvis
1910 1910daughter of Thomas R Jarvis
William H Jarvis
1925761849father of Thomas R Jarvis
Jean Rows
1975941881husband of Thomas R Jarvis
Isabella Tomlinson
1919621857mother of Thomas R Jarvis
Walter H Jarvis
1968551913son of Thomas R Jarvis
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image: ImrieJamesa
grave: 215149
Elizabeth Fanny Whitehair
image number ImrieJamesa
image: IngramAa
grave: 215150
Arthur E Ingram
image number IngramAa
image: IngramAla
grave: 215151
Albert J Ingram
image number IngramAla
image: IngramWa
grave: 215152
Wilfred Ingram
image number IngramWa
image: Innesa
grave: 215153
Margaret Rose Innes
image number Innesa
image: IonsonAntha
grave: 215154
Anthony Ionson
image number IonsonAntha
image: Iredalea
grave: 215155
Ralph Iredale
image number Iredalea
image: Izatta
grave: 215156
Lydia Rachel White
image number Izatta
image: Jacksona
grave: 215157
George Jackson Cantwell
image number Jacksona
image: JacksonJasa
grave: 215158
Henrietta Mary Jackson
image number JacksonJasa
image: JarvisTha
grave: 215159
Thomas R Jarvis
image number JarvisTha
image: Jeandrona
grave: 215160
Mary Ann Blackburn
image number Jeandrona
image: JeffereyEa
grave: 215161
Ada E Tyler
image number JeffereyEa
image: JenkinsGHa
grave: 215162
George H Jenkins
image number JenkinsGHa
image: JenkinsGHa
grave: 215163
Barbara Joan Boyd
image number JenkinsGHa
image: Juppa
grave: 215164
Harriett May Jupp
image number Juppa
image: KarlAa
grave: 215165
Paul Downes Grange
image number KarlAa
image: KeelerSta
grave: 215166
Stephen John Keeler
image number KeelerSta
image: KelleyCMa
grave: 215167
Catherine Margaret Clement
image number KelleyCMa
image: KelleyLKa
grave: 215168
Louise K Kelley
image number KelleyLKa
image: KellyJBa
grave: 215169
James B Kelly
image number KellyJBa

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