Thomas F Bradshaw grave monument in St John Norway burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas F Bradshaw grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas F Bradshaw
Madeline Wildbur
1983831900wife of Thomas F Bradshaw
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Thomas F Bradshaw grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 214932)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Thomas F Bradshaw was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Thomas F Bradshaw below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Thomas F Bradshaw grave.

image: BaileyAJa
grave: 214892
Alfred James Bailey
image number BaileyAJa
image: BakerBGa
grave: 214893
Bertie Buggings Baker
image number BakerBGa
image: BanksTha
grave: 214894
Thomas George Banks
image number BanksTha
image: BarkerGeoa
grave: 214895
George E Barker
image number BarkerGeoa
image: Barksa
grave: 214896
James Barks
image number Barksa
image: BarnesJa
grave: 214897
Joe Barnes
image number BarnesJa
image: Barretta
grave: 214898
Chris Barrett
image number Barretta
image: Batea
grave: 214899
James Bradnee Bate
image number Batea
image: BeattieJLa
grave: 214900
John Beattie
image number BeattieJLa
image: BellMLa
grave: 214901
Marion L Taber
image number BellMLa
image: BenningerWma
grave: 214902
John Ramsay
image number BenningerWma
image: BenningerWmaa
grave: 214903
William A Benninger
image number BenningerWmaa
image: Bensona
grave: 214904
Mary Ann Cluff
image number Bensona
image: Bentleya
grave: 214905
Arthur Webster Bentley
image number Bentleya
image: BentleyAla
grave: 214906
Florence Gertrude Stephenson
image number BentleyAla
image: Bercka
grave: 214907
Henry Berck
image number Bercka
image: BerckEdnaa
grave: 214908
Edna L M Berck
image number BerckEdnaa
image: BertramDa
grave: 214909
Dawson Bertram
image number BertramDa
image: Besta
grave: 214910
Olive M Best
image number Besta
image: Bewleya
grave: 214911
Annie E Beaton
image number Bewleya
image: BilowFa
grave: 214912
Frederick Bilow
image number BilowFa
image: BilowMa
grave: 214913
Michael Edward Bilow
image number BilowMa
image: BishopDa
grave: 214914
Dorothy A Bishop
image number BishopDa
image: Blabera
grave: 214915
Alfred G Blaber
image number Blabera
image: Blackburna
grave: 214916
Samuel Blackburn
image number Blackburna
image: BlackburnMara
grave: 214917
Maranda Blackburn
image number BlackburnMara
image: BlackburnToma
grave: 214918
Tom Blackburn
image number BlackburnToma
image: BlackJohnAa
grave: 214919
Annie McMillen
image number BlackJohnAa
image: Blaina
grave: 214920
Maude Blain
image number Blaina
image: BlainLilya
grave: 214921
Lily Rosalind Ross
image number BlainLilya
image: Bleweta
grave: 214922
Coleman Blewett
image number Bleweta
image: Blewetta
grave: 214923
Clark Blewett
image number Blewetta
image: Blighta
grave: 214924
Frank M Blight
image number Blighta
image: BoddyVictora
grave: 214925
Victor G Boddy
image number BoddyVictora
image: Bolama
grave: 214926
Arthur J Bolan
image number Bolama
image: Bongarda
grave: 214927
Jane Elizabeth Bongard
image number Bongarda
image: BoothGeoa
grave: 214928
George Booth
image number BoothGeoa
image: BoultonAa
grave: 214929
Alexander Boulton
image number BoultonAa
image: Bowmana
grave: 214930
Elizabeth C Leslie
image number Bowmana
image: Bowskilla
grave: 214931
James Joseph Bowskill
image number Bowskilla
image: Bradshawa
grave: 214932
Thomas F Bradshaw
image number Bradshawa
image: Breuna
grave: 214933
Ottomar Mauthie
image number Breuna
image: Bricklesa
grave: 214934
Isaac Brickles
image number Bricklesa
image: Broomera
grave: 214935
William Crawford Broomer
image number Broomera
image: BrownAgnesReeda
grave: 214936
Agnes Reed Brown
image number BrownAgnesReeda
image: BrownAma
grave: 214937
Amelia E Brown
image number BrownAma
image: BrowneRHa
grave: 214938
Robert Hugh Brown
image number BrowneRHa
image: BrownGMa
grave: 214939
George M Brown
image number BrownGMa
image: BrownHara
grave: 214940
Harriett Barnett
image number BrownHara
image: BrownHHa
grave: 214941
Harry Herman Brown
image number BrownHHa
image: BrownJasa
grave: 214942
James Brown
image number BrownJasa
image: BrownKWa
grave: 214943
Kenneth W Brown
image number BrownKWa
image: BrownSherard
grave: 214944
Sherard A Brown
image number BrownSherard
image: BrownThosGa
grave: 214945
Thomas G Brown
image number BrownThosGa
image: BurgessAla
grave: 214946
Alice G Vile
image number BurgessAla
image: BurnsJAa
grave: 214947
Joseph A Burns
image number BurnsJAa
image: Busbya
grave: 214948
Mildred Mary Busby
image number Busbya
image: ButlerHa
grave: 214949
Henry Butler
image number ButlerHa
image: CalenderRoba
grave: 214950
Robert Calendar
image number CalenderRoba
image: CallanHama
grave: 214951
Robert A Callan
image number CallanHama
image: CalvertLa
grave: 214952
Lloyd A Calvert
image number CalvertLa
image: CampbellJohna
grave: 214953
John Ivan Campbell
image number CampbellJohna
image: Camplina
grave: 214954
Richard Camplin
image number Camplina
image: CamplinLouisaa
grave: 214955
Isaac Camplin
image number CamplinLouisaa
image: CantwellWJa
grave: 214956
William John Cantwell
image number CantwellWJa
image: CarruthersMa
grave: 214957
Mary Green
image number CarruthersMa
image: CarterCha
grave: 214958
Charles Henry Carter
image number CarterCha
image: CarterKa
grave: 214959
Katharine Jane Houghton
image number CarterKa
image: CarterWma
grave: 214960
William Carter
image number CarterWma
image: CartonJa
grave: 214961
John Carton
image number CartonJa
image: CaveJa
grave: 214962
James A Cave
image number CaveJa
image: Cawooda
grave: 214963
James W Cawood
image number Cawooda
image: ChamberlainAa
grave: 214964
Gordon E Chamberlain
image number ChamberlainAa
image: ChamberlainAea
grave: 214965
Annie Ellen Chamberlain
image number ChamberlainAea
image: Chantera
grave: 214966
Francis George Chanter
image number Chantera
image: Charleswortha
grave: 214967
Mary J Charlesworth
image number Charleswortha
image: Cheethama
grave: 214968
Charles Cheetham
image number Cheethama
image: Chisholma
grave: 214969
James Chisholms
image number Chisholma
image: ChisholmJa
grave: 214970
Johnstone C Chisholm
image number ChisholmJa
image: ChisholmRega
grave: 214971
Reg G Chisholm
image number ChisholmRega
image: ChisholmWDa
grave: 214972
William Douglas Chisholm
image number ChisholmWDa

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