Bertie Buggings Baker grave monument in St John Norway burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bertie Buggings Baker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Bertie Buggings Baker
Rose Dinsmore
1955601895relationship not given of Bertie Buggings Baker
Mabel Tozer
1913231890relationship not given of Bertie Buggings Baker
Walter Tozer
relationship not given of Bertie Buggings Baker
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Bertie Buggings Baker grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 214893)

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The grave monument thumbnail image for Bertie Buggings Baker below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Bertie Buggings Baker grave.

image: AnscombeJa
grave: 214883
James C Anscombe
image number AnscombeJa
image: Armstronga
grave: 214884
James Armstrong
image number Armstronga
image: ArnoldGeoa
grave: 214885
George Arnold
image number ArnoldGeoa
image: ArnoldSusana
grave: 214886
Susan Arnold
image number ArnoldSusana
image: Arthursa
grave: 214887
Mary Arthurs
image number Arthursa
image: Ashbeea
grave: 214888
Edna Ashbee
image number Ashbeea
image: AshbyJa
grave: 214889
Jenny Ashby
image number AshbyJa
image: AshbyMa
grave: 214890
Mary Ashby
image number AshbyMa
image: AshtonSJa
grave: 214891
S John Ashton
image number AshtonSJa
image: BaileyAJa
grave: 214892
Alfred James Bailey
image number BaileyAJa
image: BakerBGa
grave: 214893
Bertie Buggings Baker
image number BakerBGa
image: BanksTha
grave: 214894
Thomas George Banks
image number BanksTha
image: BarkerGeoa
grave: 214895
George E Barker
image number BarkerGeoa
image: Barksa
grave: 214896
James Barks
image number Barksa
image: BarnesJa
grave: 214897
Joe Barnes
image number BarnesJa
image: Barretta
grave: 214898
Chris Barrett
image number Barretta
image: Batea
grave: 214899
James Bradnee Bate
image number Batea
image: BeattieJLa
grave: 214900
John Beattie
image number BeattieJLa
image: BellMLa
grave: 214901
Marion L Taber
image number BellMLa
image: BenningerWma
grave: 214902
John Ramsay
image number BenningerWma
image: BenningerWmaa
grave: 214903
William A Benninger
image number BenningerWmaa

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