Joseph Griffiths grave monument in South Kaipara Co-operating Anglican Methodist , Kaukapakapa, Rodney, New Zealand

Joseph Griffiths grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joseph Griffiths
1900451855first name on monument
Reginald Griffiths
1917311886son of Joseph Griffiths
Amy Griffiths
wife of Joseph Griffiths
Violet Griffiths
wife of Joseph Griffiths
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Joseph Griffiths grave location

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image: 6388
grave: 207770
Catherine Stewart
image number 6388
image: 6389
grave: 207771
Elizabeth Betteridge
image number 6389
image: 6391
grave: 207772
Mary Stych
image number 6391
image: 6392
grave: 207773
Margaret Augusta Holroyd
image number 6392
image: 6394
grave: 207774
Ann Elizabeth McGuire
image number 6394
image: 6395
grave: 207775
James Byrne Wright
image number 6395
image: 6396
grave: 207776
Mark Grey
image number 6396
image: 6397
grave: 207777
James Adams
image number 6397
image: 6398
grave: 207778
Lizzie Gardner
image number 6398
image: 6402
grave: 207779
Sarah Elizabeth Drinnan
image number 6402
image: 6403
grave: 207780
Joseph Griffiths
image number 6403
image: 6404
grave: 207781
Amy Stanmore Drinnan
image number 6404
image: 6405
grave: 207782
Frederick J Elvin
image number 6405
image: 6406
grave: 207783
Thomas Clinkard
image number 6406
image: 6407
grave: 207784
Frances McLeod
image number 6407
image: 6410
grave: 207785
Charles Peers Simcock
image number 6410
image: 6411
grave: 207786
Joseph Alexander Simcock
image number 6411
image: 6412
grave: 207787
Ann Simcock
image number 6412
image: 6413
grave: 207788
Ralph Osbaldiston
image number 6413
image: 6414
grave: 207789
Ralph Osbaldiston
image number 6414
image: 6415
grave: 207790
Ralph Osbaldiston
image number 6415

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