Robert Daniel grave monument in The One Holy and Undivided Trinity burial ground, Meanwood, Yorkshire, England

Robert Daniel grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Daniel
Robert Daniel
1905731832father of Robert Daniel
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Daniel grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 205206)

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image: DSCF0437
grave: 205196
John W Spencer
image number DSCF0437
image: DSCF0438
grave: 205197
Robert Dunwell
image number DSCF0438
image: DSCF0439
grave: 205198
Walter Wood
image number DSCF0439
image: DSCF0441
grave: 205199
James Mitchell
image number DSCF0441
image: DSCF0442
grave: 205200
Nancy Patricia Terry
image number DSCF0442
image: DSCF0443
grave: 205201
George Smith
image number DSCF0443
image: DSCF0444
grave: 205202
Emma Cotterill
image number DSCF0444
image: DSCF0445
grave: 205203
Joseph Holliday
image number DSCF0445
image: DSCF0446
grave: 205204
Sidney Wood
image number DSCF0446
image: DSCF0447
grave: 205205
Louisa Jane Swales
image number DSCF0447
image: DSCF0448
grave: 205206
Robert Daniel
image number DSCF0448
image: DSCF0449
grave: 205207
Alice Beale
image number DSCF0449
image: DSCF0450
grave: 205208
Beatrice White
image number DSCF0450
image: DSCF0451
grave: 205209
John Henry Savage
image number DSCF0451
image: DSCF0452
grave: 205210
Sarah Hannah Craven
image number DSCF0452
image: DSCF0453
grave: 205211
Edward Hannaby
image number DSCF0453
image: DSCF0453
grave: 205212
Alice Hannaby
image number DSCF0453
image: DSCF0454
grave: 205213
Edith Renton
image number DSCF0454
image: DSCF0455
grave: 205214
Peter Thomas Atha
image number DSCF0455
image: DSCF0456
grave: 205215
William Daniel Barber
image number DSCF0456
image: DSCF0457
grave: 205216
William John Mawson
image number DSCF0457

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