William Glass grave monument in St Mary (interior) burial ground, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England

William Glass grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Glass
Ann Glass
1823591764wife of William Glass
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image: 742
grave: 201519
Iohn Kirk
image number 742
image: 744
grave: 201520
Hubert Alderson-Smith
image number 744
image: 746
grave: 201521
John Robinson
image number 746
image: 747
grave: 201522
Arthur Stephenson
image number 747
image: 747
grave: 201523
G C Todd Naylor
image number 747
image: 748
grave: 201524
John Hesp
image number 748
image: 752
grave: 201525
Frank Dalton
image number 752
image: 753
grave: 201526
Valentine Fowler
image number 753
image: 755
grave: 201527
Timothy Carter
image number 755
image: 756
grave: 201528
Plaxton Dickinson
image number 756
image: 757
grave: 201529
William Glass
image number 757
image: 758
grave: 201530
Elizabeth Craven
image number 758
image: 758a
grave: 201531
William Tranmar
image number 758a
image: 759
grave: 201532
John Fisher
image number 759
image: 764
grave: 201533
John Maurer
image number 764
image: 767
grave: 201534
Catherine Younge
image number 767
image: 769
grave: 201535
Joseph Naylor Vickerman
image number 769
image: 770
grave: 201536
John Wilson
image number 770

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