Fanny Sollitt grave monument in St Mary (interior) burial ground, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England

Fanny Sollitt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fanny Sollitt
Richard Sollitt
1797671730husband of Fanny Sollitt
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image: 706
grave: 201488
William Cross
image number 706
image: 707
grave: 201489
Martha Burrow
image number 707
image: 708
grave: 201490
Nathan Brame
image number 708
image: 710
grave: 201491
Fanny Sollitt
image number 710
image: 711
grave: 201492
Henry Kitchin
image number 711
image: 712
grave: 201493
George Lord Beeforth
image number 712
image: 713
grave: 201494
James Moorsom
image number 713
image: 715
grave: 201495
Jean Duff
image number 715
image: 716
grave: 201496
James Tindall
image number 716
image: 717
grave: 201497
Mary Jewson
image number 717
image: 718
grave: 201498
Charles Sedgfield Donner
image number 718
image: 719
grave: 201499
Wilfred Robert Lowson
image number 719
image: 721
grave: 201500
Thomasin J'Ans
image number 721
image: 722
grave: 201501
Thomas Staines
image number 722

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