Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 200248Details of grave number 200248 at Aldinga Uniting Church Aldinga for Wilfred Keith Culley

Wilfred Keith Culley grave monument in Aldinga Uniting Church burial ground, Aldinga, South Australia, Australia

Wilfred Keith Culley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Wilfred Keith Culley
Yvonne Culley
daughter of Wilfred Keith Culley
Grahame Culley
son of Wilfred Keith Culley
Philip Culley
son of Wilfred Keith Culley
Audrey Irene Culley
2007941913wife of Wilfred Keith Culley

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image: 171 Elba Muriel Doley
grave: 200238
Elba Muriel Doley
image number 171 Elba Muriel Doley
image: 172
grave: 200239
Bernard Mansfield Eatts
image number 172
image: 172
grave: 200240
Glenrose Florence Eatts
image number 172
image: 173 Wilton Jack Martin
grave: 200241
Wilton Jack Martin
image number 173 Wilton Jack Martin
image: 174 Jean Heale
grave: 200242
Jean Heale
image number 174 Jean Heale
image: 175 Susie Hannah Hensley
grave: 200243
Susie Hannah Hensley
image number 175 Susie Hannah Hensley
image: 176
grave: 200244
Harold George Lambe
image number 176
image: 177 Rosalia Adriana Van Duyvenbode
grave: 200245
Rosalia Adriana Van Duyvenbode
image number 177 Rosalia Adriana Van Duyvenbode
image: 178 Graham Stuart Veal
grave: 200246
Graham Stuart Veal
image number 178 Graham Stuart Veal
image: 179 Peter John Veal
grave: 200247
Peter John Veal
image number 179 Peter John Veal
image: 180 Wilfred Keith Culley
grave: 200248
Wilfred Keith Culley
image number 180 Wilfred Keith Culley
image: 181 Neville Frederick Morse
grave: 200249
Neville Frederick Morse
image number 181 Neville Frederick Morse
image: 182 James Ian Foster
grave: 200250
James Ian Foster
image number 182 James Ian Foster
image: 183 Arnold George Sherriff
grave: 200251
Arnold George Sherriff
image number 183 Arnold George Sherriff
image: 184 Winifred Joyce Sherriff
grave: 200252
Winifred Joyce Sherriff
image number 184 Winifred Joyce Sherriff
image: 185 Roy Stock
grave: 200253
Roy Stock
image number 185 Roy Stock
image: 186 Thomas Leslie Huxtable
grave: 200254
Thomas Leslie Huxtable
image number 186 Thomas Leslie Huxtable
image: 187 Catherine Marion Martin
grave: 200255
Catherine Marion Martin
image number 187 Catherine Marion Martin
image: 188 Daisy Clarinda Harvey
grave: 200256
Daisy Clarinda Harvey
image number 188 Daisy Clarinda Harvey
image: 189 George Sherriff
grave: 200257
George Sherriff
image number 189 George Sherriff
image: 190 Maurice Albert Norman
grave: 200258
Maurice Albert Norman
image number 190 Maurice Albert Norman

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