H H Way grave monument in St Michael the Archangel burial ground, Brantham, Suffolk, England

H H Way grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sgt H H Way
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find H H Way grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 184989)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for H H Way was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for H H Way below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the H H Way grave.

image: 086
grave: 184979
Tancy Mildred Tonkin
image number 086
image: Tracey James G 061
grave: 184980
James G Tracey
image number Tracey James G   061
image: Truswell Jesse 068
grave: 184981
Jesse Truswell
image number Truswell Jesse  068
image: Tucker Jane 020
grave: 184982
Jane Tucker
image number Tucker Jane 020
image: Tucker Brian 048
grave: 184983
Brian Tucker
image number Tucker Brian  048
image: Tuckwell Florence Beatrice 145
grave: 184984
Florence Beatrice Tuckwell
image number Tuckwell Florence Beatrice  145
image: Tuohey Sandra 043
grave: 184985
Sandra Tuohey
image number Tuohey Sandra  043
image: Tuohey Sandra 043
grave: 184986
Sandra Tuohey
image number Tuohey Sandra  043
image: Tyrell Violet Mary 113
grave: 184987
Violet Mary Tyrell
image number Tyrell Violet Mary  113
image: Walford Frederick W 025
grave: 184988
Frederick W Walford
image number Walford Frederick W  025
image: Way H H 195
grave: 184989
H H Way
image number Way H H  195
image: 085
grave: 184990
Keith Ian Weeling
image number 085
image: Welham Mary 142
grave: 184991
Mary Welham
image number Welham Mary  142
image: Welham Richard 148
grave: 184992
Richard Welham
image number Welham Richard  148
image: Welham Sophia 102
grave: 184993
Sophia Welham
image number Welham Sophia  102
image: Weller William 001
grave: 184994
William Weller
image number Weller William  001
image: Welsh Dorothy Irene 099
grave: 184995
Dorothy Irene Welsh
image number Welsh Dorothy Irene  099
image: Whalley Sarah 010
grave: 184996
Sarah Whalley
image number Whalley Sarah  010
image: Wheeler Kevin Philip 118
grave: 184997
Kevin Philip Wheeler
image number Wheeler Kevin Philip  118
image: Whitby Maria 040
grave: 184998
Maria Whitby
image number Whitby Maria  040
image: Williams Henry 246
grave: 184999
Henry Williams
image number Williams Henry  246

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