Caroline Richer grave monument in St Michael the Archangel burial ground, Brantham, Suffolk, England

Caroline Richer grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Caroline Richer
Ethel Beatrice Richer
daughter-in-law of Caroline Richer
Frederick John Richer
1917311886son of Caroline Richer
William Herbert Richer
1917 son of Caroline Richeraged 10 mnths
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Caroline Richer grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 184931)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Caroline Richer was taken.

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image: Randall Jeremiah 190
grave: 184921
Jeremiah Randall
image number Randall Jeremiah  190
image: Randall John 183
grave: 184922
John Randall
image number Randall John 183
image: Randell Alice 187
grave: 184923
Alice Randell
image number Randell Alice  187
image: Randell Lily Jane 089
grave: 184924
Lily Jane Randell
image number Randell Lily Jane  089
image: Rayner William B S 180
grave: 184925
William B S Rayner
image number Rayner William B S   180
image: Raynham Maria Louisa 214
grave: 184926
Maria Louisa Raynham
image number Raynham Maria Louisa  214
image: Green Eleanor 214
grave: 184927
Eleanor Green
image number Green Eleanor 214
image: Green William 214
grave: 184928
William Green
image number Green William  214
image: 214
grave: 184929
image number 214
image: Richer Alfred James 073
grave: 184930
Alfred James Richer
image number Richer Alfred James  073
image: Richer Caroline 368
grave: 184931
Caroline Richer
image number Richer Caroline  368
image: Richer Charles Henry 071
grave: 184932
Charles Henry Richer
image number Richer Charles Henry  071
image: Richer James 374
grave: 184933
James Richer
image number Richer James  374
image: Richer Lucy 075
grave: 184934
Lucy Richer
image number Richer Lucy  075
image: 206
grave: 184935
Mary Martha Richer
image number 206
image: Richer William 076
grave: 184936
William Richer
image number Richer William  076
image: Richer William Arthur 057
grave: 184937
William Arthur Richer
image number Richer William Arthur  057
image: Riseborough S G 072
grave: 184938
S G Riseborough
image number Riseborough S G   072
image: Robinson Shiela Ann 074
grave: 184939
Shiela Ann Robinson
image number Robinson Shiela Ann  074
image: Rose Basil John 088
grave: 184940
Basil John Rose
image number Rose Basil John  088
image: Rose Lily Blanche 116
grave: 184941
Lily Blanche Rose
image number Rose Lily Blanche  116

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