Eliza Lawton grave monument in St John the Divine , Elmswell, Suffolk, England

Eliza Lawton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Lawton
1862581804first name on monument
Rev J T Lawton
father of Eliza Lawton
Charles Harsant
husband of Eliza Lawton
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image: 7617
grave: 182212
George Randall Baker
image number 7617
image: 7620
grave: 182213
John Orsbourn
image number 7620
image: 7621
grave: 182214
John Orsbourn
image number 7621
image: 7622
grave: 182215
John Goddard
image number 7622
image: 7623
grave: 182216
Susan Bumpstead
image number 7623
image: 7624
grave: 182217
William Orsbourn
image number 7624
image: 7625
grave: 182218
John Seaman
image number 7625
image: 7626
grave: 182219
Simeon Stevens
image number 7626
image: 7627
grave: 182220
Sophia Rudduck
image number 7627
image: 7628
grave: 182221
Mary Ann Wright
image number 7628
image: 8278
grave: 182222
Eliza Lawton
image number 8278
image: 8279
grave: 182223
Edward Claydon Lawton
image number 8279
image: 8281
grave: 182224
Charles Henry Lawton
image number 8281
image: 8282
grave: 182225
Cecilia Lawton
image number 8282
image: 8283
grave: 182226
Joseph Thomas Lawton
image number 8283
image: 8284
grave: 182227
Catharine Lawton
image number 8284
image: 8285
grave: 182228
Harriet W Vyvyan Connell
image number 8285
image: 8287
grave: 182229
Edgar David Harborne
image number 8287
image: 8290
grave: 182230
Robert Gardener
image number 8290
image: 8296
grave: 182231
Daniel W Collen
image number 8296
image: 8295
grave: 182232
Thomas Edward Abbott
image number 8295

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