Joanathon Andrew Taylor grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Wombridge, Shropshire, England

Joanathon Andrew Taylor grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joanathon Andrew Taylor
1984 1984
Nicola Taylor
mother of Joanathon Andrew Taylor
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image: 8450
grave: 178087
George Henry lloyd
image number 8450
image: 8451
grave: 178088
Dragomir Stojanovic
image number 8451
image: 8452
grave: 178089
Pamela Dorothy Huxley
image number 8452
image: 8453
grave: 178090
Kathleen Rosita Powell
image number 8453
image: 8454
grave: 178091
Harry Phillips
image number 8454
image: 8455
grave: 178092
Fred Hoof
image number 8455
image: 8456
grave: 178093
Reginald Leslie Churm
image number 8456
image: 8457
grave: 178094
Sylvia Rushton
image number 8457
image: 8458
grave: 178095
Lilian Ann Davies
image number 8458
image: 8459
grave: 178096
Roland George Marshall
image number 8459
image: 8579
grave: 178097
Joanathon Andrew Taylor
image number 8579
image: 8580
grave: 178098
Julie Anne Davies
image number 8580
image: 8581
grave: 178099
George Taylor
image number 8581
image: 8582
grave: 178100
Daisy Marion Herbert
image number 8582
image: 8583
grave: 178101
Hilda Mary Booth
image number 8583
image: 8584
grave: 178102
Alfred Mears
image number 8584
image: 8585
grave: 178103
Jessie Moore
image number 8585
image: 8586
grave: 178104
Frances McNally
image number 8586
image: 8587
grave: 178105
Kathleen Florrie Norris
image number 8587
image: 8588
grave: 178106
Harry Jones
image number 8588
image: 8589
grave: 178107
Norman Ward
image number 8589

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