Luke Lawton grave monument in Harlow Hill (Sections G J) , Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Luke Lawton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Luke Lawton
1916701846first name on monument
Betsy Lawton
1941931848wife of Luke Lawton
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Luke Lawton grave location

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image: 0177
grave: 172415
George Edward Andrews
image number 0177
image: 0178
grave: 172416
Laurence Smith
image number 0178
image: 0179
grave: 172417
Squire Crosland
image number 0179
image: 0180
grave: 172418
Richard Dickson Preston
image number 0180
image: 0181
grave: 172419
Jane Dewse
image number 0181
image: 0182
grave: 172420
Walter Davey
image number 0182
image: 0183
grave: 172421
Margaret Elizabeth Baird
image number 0183
image: 0184
grave: 172422
William Sellers
image number 0184
image: 0185
grave: 172423
Donald Sanderson
image number 0185
image: 0186
grave: 172424
Edwin England
image number 0186
image: 0187
grave: 172425
Luke Lawton
image number 0187
image: 0188
grave: 172426
Lottie Amelia Firth
image number 0188
image: 0189
grave: 172427
Annie Spurling
image number 0189
image: 0190
grave: 172428
Florence Depledge
image number 0190
image: 0191
grave: 172429
John Moxon
image number 0191
image: 0192
grave: 172430
Elizabeth Gooderidge
image number 0192
image: 0193
grave: 172431
Elizabeth Palmer
image number 0193
image: 0194
grave: 172432
William James Norris
image number 0194
image: 0195
grave: 172433
Isabella Romanes Gillon Fergusson
image number 0195
image: 0196
grave: 172434
William David Brydon Claringbold
image number 0196
image: 0197
grave: 172435
Norah Worton
image number 0197

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