Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 171908Details of grave number 171908 at Harlow Hill (Section L) Harrogate for Lawrence Wadsworth Thomson

Lawrence Wadsworth Thomson grave monument in Harlow Hill (Section L) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Lawrence Wadsworth Thomson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Lawrence Wadsworth (Lolly) Thomson

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image: 0008
grave: 171898
Rachel Brumby
image number 0008
image: 0009
grave: 171899
Kate Duncan
image number 0009
image: 0010
grave: 171900
Minnie Wainwright
image number 0010
image: 0011
grave: 171901
James Bale
image number 0011
image: 0012
grave: 171902
Robert Hampton MacDonald
image number 0012
image: 0013
grave: 171903
Arabella Sunley
image number 0013
image: 0014
grave: 171904
William Francis Leader
image number 0014
image: 0015
grave: 171905
Frederic Leath Wheeler
image number 0015
image: 0016
grave: 171906
Edward Wynn Barkwood
image number 0016
image: 0017
grave: 171907
Millie Pringle
image number 0017
image: 0018
grave: 171908
Lawrence Wadsworth Thomson
image number 0018
image: 0019
grave: 171909
Charles Russell McLean
image number 0019
image: 0020
grave: 171910
Margaret Emily Dalton
image number 0020
image: 0021
grave: 171911
Elizabeth Haldane
image number 0021
image: 0022
grave: 171912
Mary Amelia Ellis
image number 0022
image: 0023
grave: 171913
John Eliot Nelson
image number 0023
image: 0024
grave: 171914
Inceborg Arell Henderson
image number 0024
image: 0025
grave: 171915
Walter Brinton Phillips
image number 0025
image: 0026
grave: 171916
Lily Watson
image number 0026
image: 0027
grave: 171917
Martin Bassingham
image number 0027
image: 0028
grave: 171918
Edith Annie Bayldon
image number 0028

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