Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 171893Details of grave number 171893 at Harlow Hill (Section L) Harrogate for Stuart Swales

Stuart Swales grave monument in Harlow Hill (Section L) cemetery, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

Stuart Swales grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Stuart Swales
Mabel Doris Swales
2007951912wife of Stuart Swales

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image: 0003
grave: 171893
Stuart Swales
image number 0003
image: 0004
grave: 171894
Hazel Mather
image number 0004
image: 0005
grave: 171895
Sarah Ann Steele
image number 0005
image: 0006
grave: 171896
Alfred Lipscomb Atkinson
image number 0006
image: 0007
grave: 171897
Francis Herbert Storr
image number 0007
image: 0008
grave: 171898
Rachel Brumby
image number 0008
image: 0009
grave: 171899
Kate Duncan
image number 0009
image: 0010
grave: 171900
Minnie Wainwright
image number 0010
image: 0011
grave: 171901
James Bale
image number 0011
image: 0012
grave: 171902
Robert Hampton MacDonald
image number 0012
image: 0013
grave: 171903
Arabella Sunley
image number 0013

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