Susannah Cole grave monument in St Peter , Birch, Essex, England

Susannah Cole grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Susannah Cole
1899641835first name on monument
James Cole
1899711828husband of Susannah Cole
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Susannah Cole grave location

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image: 5716
grave: 16369
Isaac Munson
image number 5716
image: 5717
grave: 16370
Rachael Wilcher
image number 5717
image: 5719
grave: 16371
William Partner
image number 5719
image: 5720
grave: 16372
John Partner
image number 5720
image: 5721
grave: 16373
James W. Playle
image number 5721
image: 5722
grave: 16374
Sarah Ann Wilkins
image number 5722
image: 5724
grave: 16375
Lydia Potts
image number 5724
image: 5726
grave: 16376
Robert Hutton
image number 5726
image: 5727
grave: 16377
Robert Lay
image number 5727
image: 5728
grave: 16378
Mary Lay
image number 5728
image: 5730
grave: 16379
Susannah Cole
image number 5730
image: 5731
grave: 16380
George Kettle
image number 5731
image: 5732
grave: 16381
Susanna Wilchef
image number 5732
image: 5733
grave: 16382
Thomas William Goody
image number 5733
image: 5734
grave: 16383
Eliza Hutley
image number 5734
image: 5735
grave: 16384
Sarah Abbott
image number 5735
image: 5736
grave: 16385
George Duncan Willey
image number 5736
image: 5737
grave: 16386
Mary Hitchen
image number 5737
image: 5738
grave: 16387
William Pettitt
image number 5738
image: 5739
grave: 16388
Henry Bond
image number 5739
image: 5741
grave: 16389
Edith Greffield
image number 5741

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