James Marshall grave monument in Old Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

James Marshall grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Marshall
1812 first name on monument
Isabella Marshall
1829 daughter of James Marshall
Elizabeth Darling
1823 daughter-in-law of James Marshall
Jean Marshall
1826 great grand daughter of James Marshall
Stephen Marshall
of James Marshall
William Marshall
1819 grand son of James Marshall
Adam Marshall
1822 son of James Marshall
Euphan Wilson
1818 wife of James Marshall
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find James Marshall grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 163753)

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image: 1090903
grave: 163750
William Glass
image number 1090903
image: 1090904
grave: 163751
Robert Sayers
image number 1090904
image: 1090905
grave: 163752
Elisabeth Wilkins
image number 1090905
image: 1090906
grave: 163753
James Marshall
image number 1090906
image: 1090907
grave: 163754
Thomas Smith
image number 1090907
image: 1090908
grave: 163755
James Leishman
image number 1090908
image: 1090910
grave: 163756
John Leishman McDougall
image number 1090910
image: 1090911
grave: 163757
Wendy Wood
image number 1090911
image: 1090912
grave: 163758
William Drysdale
image number 1090912
image: 1090914
grave: 163759
Joseph Johnson
image number 1090914
image: 1090916
grave: 163760
Georgina Reid
image number 1090916
image: 1090917
grave: 163761
James Fraser
image number 1090917
image: 1090918
grave: 163762
Alexander Kidd
image number 1090918
image: 1090919
grave: 163763
James MacKay
image number 1090919

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