James Bonar grave monument in Canongate Kirk , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

James Bonar grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Bonar
1821631758first name on monument25th March 1821
Marjory Pyott Maitland
1800621738mother-in-law of James Bonar31st July 1800
James Bonar
1867661801son of James Bonar11th July 1867
Marjory Pyott Maitland
1834811753wife of James Bonar29th August 1834
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image: 10910
grave: 163016
William Arnot
image number 10910
image: 10912
grave: 163017
Robert Rattray
image number 10912
image: 10913
grave: 163018
John Leven
image number 10913
image: 10914
grave: 163019
George Robertson Barclay
image number 10914
image: 10919
grave: 163020
John Geddes
image number 10919
image: 10927
grave: 163021
James Clark
image number 10927
image: 10929
grave: 163022
John Watson Gordon
image number 10929
image: 10930
grave: 163023
James Watson
image number 10930
image: 10931
grave: 163024
James Watson
image number 10931
image: 10932
grave: 163025
Alexander Bonar
image number 10932
image: 10932
grave: 163026
James Bonar
image number 10932
image: 10932
grave: 163027
Horatio Bonar
image number 10932
image: 10932
grave: 163028
Jessie Anne Menzies
image number 10932
image: 10946
grave: 163029
Martha Bruce
image number 10946
image: 10948
grave: 163030
Henry Tod
image number 10948
image: 10951
grave: 163031
Robert Suttie
image number 10951
image: 10954
grave: 163032
Elizabeth Kidd Dyer
image number 10954
image: 10955
grave: 163033
John Roberts
image number 10955
image: 10960
grave: 163034
John Kennedy
image number 10960
image: 10961
grave: 163035
John Kennedy
image number 10961
image: 10962
grave: 163036
L D MacDowall
image number 10962

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