Nathaniel Nall grave monument in St Edmund burial ground, Castleton, Derbyshire, England

Nathaniel Nall grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Nathaniel Nall
Hannah Nall
1845 daughter of Nathaniel Nall
John Nall
185681848son of Nathaniel Nall
Robert Nall
1947761871son of Nathaniel Nall
Mary Nall
1853271826wife of Nathaniel Nall
Ann Nall
1905721833wife of Nathaniel Nall
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image: 6941
grave: 16258
Robert Watson
image number 6941
image: 6942
grave: 16259
Frances Small
image number 6942
image: 6943
grave: 16260
Robert Schofield Watson
image number 6943
image: 6944
grave: 16261
Hannah Newton
image number 6944
image: 6945
grave: 16262
Isaac Royse
image number 6945
image: 6946
grave: 16263
Mary Ashton
image number 6946
image: 6947
grave: 16264
Sarah Wood
image number 6947
image: 6948
grave: 16265
Annie E. Victoria Barber
image number 6948
image: 6949
grave: 16266
Qirah Eyre
image number 6949
image: 6950
grave: 16267
Leonard Smith
image number 6950
image: 6951
grave: 16268
Nathaniel Nall
image number 6951
image: 6952
grave: 16269
Ernest Bradbury
image number 6952
image: 6953
grave: 16270
Samuel Carter
image number 6953
image: 6954
grave: 16271
Charles Wilson
image number 6954
image: 6955
grave: 16272
Isaac Hale Eyre
image number 6955
image: 6956
grave: 16273
Margaret Eyre
image number 6956
image: 6957
grave: 16274
Susan Black
image number 6957
image: 6958
grave: 16275
George Hall
image number 6958
image: 6959
grave: 16276
Charles Hall
image number 6959
image: 6960
grave: 16277
George William Hall
image number 6960
image: 6961
grave: 16278
Harriet Shirley Cooper
image number 6961

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