Charles Wesley Caldwell grave monument in St James Anglican Crown Hill burial ground, Vespra, Ontario, Canada

Charles Wesley Caldwell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Wesley Caldwell
Myrtle Jane Hickling
1963791884wife of Charles Wesley Caldwell
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Charles Wesley Caldwell grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 161706)

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image: BeakMary
grave: 161696
Mary Beak
image number BeakMary
image: BellArthur
grave: 161697
Arthur Bell
image number BellArthur
image: BellWmJohn
grave: 161698
William Johnson Bell
image number BellWmJohn
image: Biltcliffe
grave: 161699
Albert Biltcliffe
image number Biltcliffe
image: BonneyWallace
grave: 161700
Wallace Bonney
image number BonneyWallace
image: BowmanReta
grave: 161701
Reta May Bowman
image number BowmanReta
image: BowmanThomas
grave: 161702
Thomas Bowman
image number BowmanThomas
image: BrownHeather
grave: 161703
Heather J Edgerton
image number BrownHeather
image: Burnfield
grave: 161704
Agnes May Burnfield
image number Burnfield
image: CaldwellArthur
grave: 161705
Arthur B Caldwell
image number CaldwellArthur
image: CaldwellCharlesWesley
grave: 161706
Charles Wesley Caldwell
image number CaldwellCharlesWesley
image: CaldwellEthel
grave: 161707
Ethel Caldwell
image number CaldwellEthel
image: CaldwellGeorge
grave: 161708
Sarah Caldwell
image number CaldwellGeorge
image: CaldwellGordon
grave: 161709
Gordon W Caldwell
image number CaldwellGordon
image: CaldwellHoward
grave: 161710
Howard D Caldwell
image number CaldwellHoward
image: CaldwellIsabelle
grave: 161711
Isabelle F Wattie
image number CaldwellIsabelle
image: CaldwellJonathan
grave: 161712
Jonathan William Caldwell
image number CaldwellJonathan
image: CaldwellJoseph
grave: 161713
Joseph Caldwell
image number CaldwellJoseph
image: CaldwellLillian
grave: 161714
Howard George Caldwell
image number CaldwellLillian
image: CaldwellMary
grave: 161715
Robert F Caldwell
image number CaldwellMary
image: CaldwellNorval
grave: 161716
Norval Caldwell
image number CaldwellNorval

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