Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 160650Details of grave number 160650 at Mount Pleasant Toronto for Kathleen Regina Gimble

Kathleen Regina Gimble grave monument in Mount Pleasant cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kathleen Regina Gimble grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Kathleen Regina Gimble
Albert Martin Gimble
1963811882husband of Kathleen Regina Gimble
William Everett Gimble
1972591913son of Kathleen Regina Gimble

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image: GeeJohnJ
grave: 160640
John J Gee
image number GeeJohnJ
image: GeorgeCowie
grave: 160641
George Albert Cowie
image number GeorgeCowie
image: GibbJames
grave: 160642
James Gibb
image number GibbJames
image: GibsonMargAgnes
grave: 160643
Margaret Agnes Gibson
image number GibsonMargAgnes
image: GIbsonSarahL
grave: 160644
Sarah L Gibson
image number GIbsonSarahL
image: GibsonWmJames
grave: 160645
William James Gibson
image number GibsonWmJames
image: GiffordJames
grave: 160646
James Richard Clifford
image number GiffordJames
image: GilbertGeorge
grave: 160647
George Gilbert
image number GilbertGeorge
image: GilesAlan
grave: 160648
Allan F Giles
image number GilesAlan
image: GilesDaisy
grave: 160649
Allan Giles
image number GilesDaisy
image: GimbleKathleen
grave: 160650
Kathleen Regina Gimble
image number GimbleKathleen
image: GladmanJoseph1
grave: 160651
Joseph George Gladman
image number GladmanJoseph1
image: GlasgowRobert
grave: 160652
Robert Glasgow
image number GlasgowRobert
image: GoodallArthur
grave: 160653
Arthur W Goodall
image number GoodallArthur
image: GoodfellowIda
grave: 160654
Ida Edith Goodfellow
image number GoodfellowIda
image: GordonAthol
grave: 160655
Athole Gordon O'Reilly
image number GordonAthol
image: GordonFreida
grave: 160656
Freida Irene Brown
image number GordonFreida
image: GordonJeanieShaw
grave: 160657
Jeanie Shaw
image number GordonJeanieShaw
image: GormanDavid
grave: 160658
David Gorman
image number GormanDavid
image: Gough2
grave: 160659
Margaret Gough
image number Gough2
image: GowansThomas
grave: 160660
Thomas Gowans
image number GowansThomas

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