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Cecil Evelyn Cambie grave monument in Mount Pleasant cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cecil Evelyn Cambie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Cecil Evelyn Cambie
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Cecil Evelyn Cambie grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 160634)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Cecil Evelyn Cambie was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Cecil Evelyn Cambie below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Cecil Evelyn Cambie grave.

image: DuncanBruce1
grave: 160594
Bruce Duncan Clark
image number DuncanBruce1
image: DunlopJohnBrown
grave: 160595
John Brown Dunlop
image number DunlopJohnBrown
image: DunlopRevTho
grave: 160596
Thomas Dunlop
image number DunlopRevTho
image: Dwyer2
grave: 160597
Esther Dwyer
image number Dwyer2
image: EastmanREbecca
grave: 160598
Rebecca Davidson
image number EastmanREbecca
image: EbbittFred
grave: 160599
Frederick W Ebbitt
image number EbbittFred
image: EbyGeorge1
grave: 160600
George A Eby
image number EbyGeorge1
image: EdisonMargaret1
grave: 160601
Margaret Elizabeth Edison
image number EdisonMargaret1
image: EdmundsAlbertA
grave: 160602
Albert A Edmunds
image number EdmundsAlbertA
image: EdmundsAlfred
grave: 160603
Alfred Albert Edmunds
image number EdmundsAlfred
image: ElliottAlfred
grave: 160604
Alfred G Elliott
image number ElliottAlfred
image: ElliottWalterH
grave: 160605
Walter Herman Elliott
image number ElliottWalterH
image: EllisonDora
grave: 160606
Dora Ashcroft
image number EllisonDora
image: Ely
grave: 160607
Ernest Fredrick Ely
image number Ely
image: EmergyGeorge
grave: 160608
George Emery
image number EmergyGeorge
image: EvansWalter
grave: 160609
Walter Brooke Evans
image number EvansWalter
image: EwartHarold
grave: 160610
Harold Ewart Steinhoff
image number EwartHarold
image: FanningGilbert
grave: 160611
Gilbert R Fanning
image number FanningGilbert
image: FarleyMary
grave: 160612
Mary Freeland Price
image number FarleyMary
image: FarleySarah
grave: 160613
Sarah Ann Farley
image number FarleySarah
image: FarquharCatherine
grave: 160614
Catherine Milne Hutchison
image number FarquharCatherine
image: FeatherHenry
grave: 160615
Ann Jane Arcue
image number FeatherHenry
image: FieldingEdwardB
grave: 160616
Edward B Fielding
image number FieldingEdwardB
image: FinnBeatrice
grave: 160617
Beatrice Evelyn Finn
image number FinnBeatrice
image: FitchettJohn
grave: 160618
John William Fitchett
image number FitchettJohn
image: FitzroyStuart
grave: 160619
Stuart Fitzroy
image number FitzroyStuart
image: FontaineEliza
grave: 160620
Eliza Locke
image number FontaineEliza
image: FordhamAl
grave: 160621
Al William Fordham
image number FordhamAl
image: FortierIris
grave: 160622
A Iris Fortier
image number FortierIris
image: FouldsArchibald
grave: 160623
Archibald Foulds
image number FouldsArchibald
image: FouldsWmC
grave: 160624
William Foulds
image number FouldsWmC
image: FrancisStuart
grave: 160625
Stuart Francis See
image number FrancisStuart
image: FrankishJohn
grave: 160626
John William Frankish
image number FrankishJohn
image: FraserJames JPG
grave: 160627
James Fraser
image number FraserJames JPG
image: FraserRevRt
grave: 160628
Robert Douglas Fraser
image number FraserRevRt
image: FrederickEmery
grave: 160629
Frederick Emery
image number FrederickEmery
image: Frogley
grave: 160630
Charles T Frogley
image number Frogley
image: FullertonFlorence
grave: 160631
Florence May Fullerton
image number FullertonFlorence
image: FyfeCharles
grave: 160632
Charles J Fyfe
image number FyfeCharles
image: FyfeCharlesEliza
grave: 160633
Charles Fyfe
image number FyfeCharlesEliza
image: GambieCecil
grave: 160634
Cecil Evelyn Cambie
image number GambieCecil
image: GardinerDavid
grave: 160635
David Gardiner
image number GardinerDavid
image: GardinerWmL
grave: 160636
William L Gardiner
image number GardinerWmL
image: GarrandJessie
grave: 160637
Jessie M Garrand
image number GarrandJessie
image: GearingMary
grave: 160638
Mary Frances Dowzard
image number GearingMary
image: Geea
grave: 160639
Alice Winter Gee
image number Geea
image: GeeJohnJ
grave: 160640
John J Gee
image number GeeJohnJ
image: GeorgeCowie
grave: 160641
George Albert Cowie
image number GeorgeCowie
image: GibbJames
grave: 160642
James Gibb
image number GibbJames
image: GibsonMargAgnes
grave: 160643
Margaret Agnes Gibson
image number GibsonMargAgnes
image: GIbsonSarahL
grave: 160644
Sarah L Gibson
image number GIbsonSarahL
image: GibsonWmJames
grave: 160645
William James Gibson
image number GibsonWmJames
image: GiffordJames
grave: 160646
James Richard Clifford
image number GiffordJames
image: GilbertGeorge
grave: 160647
George Gilbert
image number GilbertGeorge
image: GilesAlan
grave: 160648
Allan F Giles
image number GilesAlan
image: GilesDaisy
grave: 160649
Allan Giles
image number GilesDaisy
image: GimbleKathleen
grave: 160650
Kathleen Regina Gimble
image number GimbleKathleen
image: GladmanJoseph1
grave: 160651
Joseph George Gladman
image number GladmanJoseph1
image: GlasgowRobert
grave: 160652
Robert Glasgow
image number GlasgowRobert
image: GoodallArthur
grave: 160653
Arthur W Goodall
image number GoodallArthur
image: GoodfellowIda
grave: 160654
Ida Edith Goodfellow
image number GoodfellowIda
image: GordonAthol
grave: 160655
Athole Gordon O'Reilly
image number GordonAthol
image: GordonFreida
grave: 160656
Freida Irene Brown
image number GordonFreida
image: GordonJeanieShaw
grave: 160657
Jeanie Shaw
image number GordonJeanieShaw
image: GormanDavid
grave: 160658
David Gorman
image number GormanDavid
image: Gough2
grave: 160659
Margaret Gough
image number Gough2
image: GowansThomas
grave: 160660
Thomas Gowans
image number GowansThomas
image: GrahamBertha
grave: 160661
Bertha A Graham
image number GrahamBertha
image: GrahamGeorgeW1
grave: 160662
George Wilbur Graham
image number GrahamGeorgeW1
image: GrahamJohnC
grave: 160663
John Clifford Graham
image number GrahamJohnC
image: GrahamMargaret
grave: 160664
Margaret Graham
image number GrahamMargaret
image: GrahamMary
grave: 160665
Mary Graham
image number GrahamMary
image: GrahamMuriel
grave: 160666
Muriel Graham
image number GrahamMuriel
image: GrahamRebecca
grave: 160667
Mabel Graham
image number GrahamRebecca
image: GrahamRose
grave: 160668
Rose Alice Graham
image number GrahamRose
image: GrantCHope
grave: 160669
C Hope Charron
image number GrantCHope
image: GrantJaneS
grave: 160670
Jane S Grant
image number GrantJaneS
image: GrantWilfred
grave: 160671
Wilfred A Grant
image number GrantWilfred
image: GrassickJean
grave: 160672
Jean Drysden Grassick
image number GrassickJean
image: GrassickJohn
grave: 160673
John S Grassick
image number GrassickJohn
image: GrassMary
grave: 160674
Mary May Grass
image number GrassMary

Less thumbnails will be displayed if Cecil Evelyn Cambie grave photograph was takens either near the beginning or the end of the photographic session. Instead of an image you will see one or more small boxes similar to the one shown below:

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This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.