Emily Louisa Arnoldi grave monument in Mount Pleasant cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Emily Louisa Arnoldi grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Emily Louisa Arnoldi
Emilius Fauquier nee Arnoldi
1922651857daughter of Emily Louisa Arnoldi
Frank Arnoldi
husband of Emily Louisa Arnoldi
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image: AldridgeThomas
grave: 160423
Thomas Lloyd Aldridge
image number AldridgeThomas
image: AlisonMabel
grave: 160424
Mabel Anderson
image number AlisonMabel
image: AllinRobert
grave: 160425
Robert Allin
image number AllinRobert
image: AmesJames
grave: 160426
James A Ames
image number AmesJames
image: AndersonJane
grave: 160427
Jane McNichol
image number AndersonJane
image: AndersonJessie
grave: 160428
Jessie Bonthron
image number AndersonJessie
image: AndersonThomasW
grave: 160429
Thomas W Anderson
image number AndersonThomasW
image: AndrewsHerbertV 1
grave: 160430
Herbert Vincent Andrews
image number AndrewsHerbertV 1
image: ArcherMaryEllen
grave: 160431
Mary Ellen Walls
image number ArcherMaryEllen
image: ArmstongWellingtonW
grave: 160432
Wellington W Armstrong
image number ArmstongWellingtonW
image: ArnoldiEmily1
grave: 160433
Emily Louisa Arnoldi
image number ArnoldiEmily1
image: ArnoldiEmily1
grave: 160434
Errol Louis Faquier
image number ArnoldiEmily1
image: AshfordThomas
grave: 160435
Thomas Ashford
image number AshfordThomas
image: AshlingClaude
grave: 160436
Claude Vincent Ashling
image number AshlingClaude
image: AwdeEltah
grave: 160437
Eltah Pearl Awde
image number AwdeEltah
image: BaileyAliceJ
grave: 160438
Alice Jane Bailey
image number BaileyAliceJ
image: BaileyMatthew
grave: 160439
Matthew Bailey
image number BaileyMatthew
image: BaileyRichard
grave: 160440
Richard Bailey
image number BaileyRichard
image: BairdEmily
grave: 160441
Emily Ellen Baird
image number BairdEmily
image: BakerJohn
grave: 160442
John Baker
image number BakerJohn
image: BakerKenneth
grave: 160443
Kenneth John Souster
image number BakerKenneth

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