Fred Lawson grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

Fred Lawson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Fred Lawson
Clarice May nee Lawson
1963591904daughter of Fred Lawson
Alice Lawson
1928481880wife of Fred Lawson
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image: 1194
grave: 159137
Hilda Baxter
image number 1194
image: 1195
grave: 159138
John William Thurlby
image number 1195
image: 1196
grave: 159139
Walter Lowe
image number 1196
image: 1196
grave: 159140
Melinda Lowe
image number 1196
image: 1197
grave: 159141
Nellie Shaw
image number 1197
image: 1198
grave: 159142
Charles Wilson
image number 1198
image: 1199
grave: 159143
Edwin Marsden
image number 1199
image: 1200
grave: 159144
Albert Hoyle
image number 1200
image: 1201
grave: 159145
Alice Mary Atkinson
image number 1201
image: 1202
grave: 159146
Joshua Greenwood
image number 1202
image: 1203
grave: 159147
Fred Lawson
image number 1203
image: 1204
grave: 159148
Dick Mackintosh
image number 1204
image: 1205
grave: 159149
James Dean
image number 1205
image: 1206
grave: 159150
Harry L Berry
image number 1206
image: 1207
grave: 159151
Walter C C Renwick
image number 1207
image: 1208
grave: 159152
Louisa Bennett
image number 1208
image: 1209
grave: 159153
Tom Thurlby
image number 1209
image: 1209
grave: 159154
Millie Gascoyne
image number 1209
image: 1210
grave: 159155
Frances Mary Chippindale
image number 1210
image: 1211
grave: 159156
Albany Hawke
image number 1211
image: 1212
grave: 159157
George W Elvidge
image number 1212

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