Thomas Richard Musgrave grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

Thomas Richard Musgrave grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Richard Musgrave
Frederick William Musgrave
1931671864relationship not given of Thomas Richard Musgrave
Annie Jane Musgrave
1936711865relationship not given of Thomas Richard Musgrave
Sarah Jane Musgrave
1900611839wife of Thomas Richard Musgrave
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image: 0414
grave: 158362
Esther Wigglesworth
image number 0414
image: 0415
grave: 158363
Mary Hardwick
image number 0415
image: 0416
grave: 158364
Christiana Whitehead
image number 0416
image: 0417
grave: 158365
Abraham Holmes
image number 0417
image: 0418
grave: 158366
Anne Sinclair Rhodes
image number 0418
image: 0419
grave: 158367
Thomas Bulmer
image number 0419
image: 0420
grave: 158368
Ann Jane Green
image number 0420
image: 0421
grave: 158369
Emma Sinclair
image number 0421
image: 0422
grave: 158370
Arthur Watkinson
image number 0422
image: 0423
grave: 158371
Hannah Green
image number 0423
image: 0424
grave: 158372
Thomas Richard Musgrave
image number 0424
image: 0425
grave: 158373
William Sinclair
image number 0425
image: 0426
grave: 158374
Peter Thompson
image number 0426
image: 0427
grave: 158375
Ann Thistlethwaite
image number 0427
image: 0428
grave: 158376
Thomas Griffiths
image number 0428
image: 0429
grave: 158377
John Roundell
image number 0429
image: 0430
grave: 158378
Jennie Brook
image number 0430
image: 0431
grave: 158379
Frank Driver
image number 0431
image: 0432
grave: 158380
Susannah Hartley
image number 0432
image: 0433
grave: 158381
Mary Lawson
image number 0433
image: 0434
grave: 158382
Sarah Lawson
image number 0434

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