Arthur Renton grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

Arthur Renton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Arthur Renton
Fred Holdsworth Renton
1911291882relationship not given of Arthur Renton
Jane Brown
1913801833relationship not given of Arthur Renton
Mary E Mullan
1940731867relationship not given of Arthur Renton
Reginald T Renton
1956641892relationship not given of Arthur Renton
Mary E Renton
1965791886relationship not given of Arthur Renton
Susannah Renton
1889291860wife of Arthur Renton
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image: 0332
grave: 158280
John Wilson Hellewell
image number 0332
image: 0333
grave: 158281
Mary Lawson
image number 0333
image: 0334
grave: 158282
A D Barber
image number 0334
image: 0335
grave: 158283
Hannah Jowett
image number 0335
image: 0336
grave: 158284
John Prockter
image number 0336
image: 0337
grave: 158285
Martha McLannahan Kerr
image number 0337
image: 0338
grave: 158286
Sarah Ann Warrie
image number 0338
image: 0339
grave: 158287
Sarah Greaves
image number 0339
image: 0340
grave: 158288
Harriet Freeman
image number 0340
image: 0341
grave: 158289
William Ramsden Barret
image number 0341
image: 0342
grave: 158290
Arthur Renton
image number 0342
image: 0343
grave: 158291
William Norton
image number 0343
image: 0344
grave: 158292
George Pickles
image number 0344
image: 0345
grave: 158293
David Hudson
image number 0345
image: 0346
grave: 158294
William Duckworth
image number 0346
image: 0347
grave: 158295
George Holmes
image number 0347
image: 0348
grave: 158296
Martha Dibb
image number 0348
image: 0349
grave: 158297
Joseph Garth Grange
image number 0349
image: 0350
grave: 158298
John Grange
image number 0350
image: 0351
grave: 158299
Anne Deans
image number 0351
image: 0352
grave: 158300
Stewart Dunn Mackie
image number 0352

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