Mabel Agar grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Otley, Yorkshire, England

Mabel Agar grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mabel Agar
Fred Agar
1963521911husband of Mabel Agar
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Mabel Agar grave location

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image: 0274
grave: 158221
Thomas Hunt
image number 0274
image: 0275
grave: 158222
Harry Freeman
image number 0275
image: 0276
grave: 158223
Mabel May Haller
image number 0276
image: 0277
grave: 158224
Lily Bartle
image number 0277
image: 0278
grave: 158225
William Henry Galling
image number 0278
image: 0279
grave: 158226
Ada Louisa Birkett
image number 0279
image: 0280
grave: 158227
Nellie Maud Whitewick
image number 0280
image: 0281
grave: 158228
Clara Marjerrison
image number 0281
image: 0282
grave: 158229
Joseph Roe
image number 0282
image: 0283
grave: 158230
Alice Frances Shires
image number 0283
image: 0284
grave: 158231
Mabel Agar
image number 0284
image: 0285
grave: 158232
William Craven
image number 0285
image: 0286
grave: 158233
Alfred Butler
image number 0286
image: 0287
grave: 158234
Elizabeth Mary Daphne Leng
image number 0287
image: 0288
grave: 158235
Robert Tempest
image number 0288
image: 0289
grave: 158236
Lily Ann Campion
image number 0289
image: 0290
grave: 158237
Walter Brownridge
image number 0290
image: 0291
grave: 158238
Florence Dinsdale
image number 0291
image: 0292
grave: 158239
Joseph Kendall Lister
image number 0292
image: 0293
grave: 158240
Isabella Maud Jackson
image number 0293
image: 0294
grave: 158241
Bertie Beevers
image number 0294

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