Tom William Bradley grave monument in Area K cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

Tom William Bradley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Tom William Bradley
George Bradley
1918 son of Tom William Bradley
Jane Bradley
1953911862wife of Tom William Bradley
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image: 1050364
grave: 157889
Albany Baker
image number 1050364
image: 1050366
grave: 157890
Sarah Jacobs
image number 1050366
image: 1050369
grave: 157891
Elizabeth Walton
image number 1050369
image: 1050370
grave: 157892
Thomas Richardson
image number 1050370
image: 1050371
grave: 157893
Watson Harker
image number 1050371
image: 1050372
grave: 157894
William Buttle
image number 1050372
image: 1050373
grave: 157895
William Jacobs
image number 1050373
image: 1050375
grave: 157896
Phyllis May Pickering
image number 1050375
image: 1050377
grave: 157897
William Dunning
image number 1050377
image: 1050378
grave: 157898
Lester Hornsby
image number 1050378
image: 1050381
grave: 157899
Tom William Bradley
image number 1050381
image: 1050382
grave: 157900
Marjorie Martin
image number 1050382
image: 1050385
grave: 157901
J H Hughes
image number 1050385
image: 1050386
grave: 157902
Robert Dunning
image number 1050386
image: 1050387
grave: 157903
Robert Willis
image number 1050387
image: 1050389
grave: 157904
John Thompson
image number 1050389
image: 1050392
grave: 157905
Florence Mabel Hempseed
image number 1050392
image: 1050393
grave: 157906
Robert Alcock
image number 1050393
image: 1050396
grave: 157907
William H Walker
image number 1050396
image: 1050397
grave: 157908
Minnie Cook
image number 1050397
image: 1050398
grave: 157909
William Henry Breckon
image number 1050398

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