Alfred George Binner grave monument in Lawnswood A-D cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Alfred George Binner grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred George Binner
Alfred George Thorpe
1923571866son-in-law of Alfred George Binner
Susan Binner
1916751841wife of Alfred George Binner
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image: 3011704
grave: 156952
Eliza Richardson
image number 3011704
image: 3011707
grave: 156953
John William Aldridge
image number 3011707
image: 3011708
grave: 156954
James Naylor
image number 3011708
image: 3011711
grave: 156955
Hannah Dawson
image number 3011711
image: 3011712
grave: 156956
Margaret Middleton
image number 3011712
image: 3011713
grave: 156957
Eliza Thackray
image number 3011713
image: 3011714
grave: 156958
James Ripley
image number 3011714
image: 3011716
grave: 156959
Kate Hampshire
image number 3011716
image: 3011717
grave: 156960
William Gibbs
image number 3011717
image: 3011718
grave: 156961
William Farndale
image number 3011718
image: 3011719
grave: 156962
Alfred George Binner
image number 3011719
image: 3011720
grave: 156963
Enoch Hardwick
image number 3011720
image: 3011722
grave: 156964
Joseph Schofield Tempest
image number 3011722
image: 3011724
grave: 156965
Clark Westerman
image number 3011724
image: 3011725
grave: 156966
Annie Wells
image number 3011725
image: 3011726
grave: 156967
Florence Marshall Dorsey
image number 3011726
image: 3011727
grave: 156968
Mary Rawlinson
image number 3011727
image: 3011728
grave: 156969
Ada Holroyd
image number 3011728
image: 3011729
grave: 156970
Mary Ann Rattenbury
image number 3011729
image: 3011730
grave: 156971
James Arthur Hick
image number 3011730
image: 3011731
grave: 156972
Patience Danby Auty
image number 3011731

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