John Francis Barnard grave monument in Lawnswood A-D cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

John Francis Barnard grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Francis Barnard
Isabella Kate Barnard
wife of John Francis Barnard
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Francis Barnard grave location

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image: 3011344
grave: 156712
Joseph Greenwood
image number 3011344
image: 3011345
grave: 156713
Joseph Tyas
image number 3011345
image: 3011347
grave: 156714
Frank Eastwood
image number 3011347
image: 3011348
grave: 156715
Robert Walter Whiteing
image number 3011348
image: 3011349
grave: 156716
John W W Henson
image number 3011349
image: 3011377
grave: 156717
Henrietta Greig
image number 3011377
image: 3011378
grave: 156718
Sydney Tooke
image number 3011378
image: 3011379
grave: 156719
Walter Hardaker
image number 3011379
image: 3011380
grave: 156720
Bethesda Guest
image number 3011380
image: 3011381
grave: 156721
John Derwick
image number 3011381
image: 3011385
grave: 156722
John Francis Barnard
image number 3011385
image: 3011386
grave: 156723
William Henry Newill
image number 3011386
image: 3011387
grave: 156724
Alex Begbie
image number 3011387
image: 3011388
grave: 156725
Emma Elizabeth Walters
image number 3011388
image: 3011389
grave: 156726
Frederick Mawson
image number 3011389
image: 3011391
grave: 156727
William Henry Vince
image number 3011391
image: 3011392
grave: 156728
Ann Hopton
image number 3011392
image: 3011393
grave: 156729
Ellen Horsman
image number 3011393
image: 3011394
grave: 156730
Ann Peniston
image number 3011394
image: 3011396
grave: 156731
Benjamin Braidley Haresceugh
image number 3011396
image: 3011397
grave: 156732
William Denton Smith
image number 3011397

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