Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie grave monument in Lawnswood A-D cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie
Helen Ainslie
1951651886wife of Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie
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image: 3011085
grave: 156552
Emma Coates
image number 3011085
image: 3011086
grave: 156553
Bella Jaques
image number 3011086
image: 3011087
grave: 156554
James Shackleton
image number 3011087
image: 3011088
grave: 156555
Anna McGeorge
image number 3011088
image: 3011089
grave: 156556
David Boothman
image number 3011089
image: 3011091
grave: 156557
James Henry Barraclough
image number 3011091
image: 3011095
grave: 156558
John Dunderdale Conyers
image number 3011095
image: 3011097
grave: 156559
Joseph James Mossley
image number 3011097
image: 3011100
grave: 156560
John Ward Knight
image number 3011100
image: 3011102
grave: 156561
Albert Ackroyd
image number 3011102
image: 3011104
grave: 156562
Alfred Gilchrist Ainslie
image number 3011104
image: 3011105
grave: 156563
John Palmer Pickersgill
image number 3011105
image: 3011106
grave: 156564
William Green
image number 3011106
image: 3011107
grave: 156565
Norman Raynor
image number 3011107
image: 3011108
grave: 156566
Sarah Hannah Rider
image number 3011108
image: 3011112
grave: 156567
H M Armitage
image number 3011112
image: 3011114
grave: 156568
Annie Colbert Webster
image number 3011114
image: 3011115
grave: 156569
Mary Alice Green
image number 3011115
image: 3011117
grave: 156570
George Frederick Tetley
image number 3011117
image: 3011118
grave: 156571
Joseph Edward Stansfield
image number 3011118
image: 3011119
grave: 156572
Clara Elizabeth Jackson
image number 3011119

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