John Beaumont Marshall grave monument in Lawnswood A-D cemetery, Leeds, Yorkshire, England

John Beaumont Marshall grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Beaumont Marshall
Phyllis Marjorie Rusby
190241898grand daughter of John Beaumont Marshall
R W Rusby
relationship not given of John Beaumont Marshall
E L Rusby
relationship not given of John Beaumont Marshall
William Sugden Marshall
1945771868son of John Beaumont Marshall
Elizabeth Croft Marshall
1917771840wife of John Beaumont Marshall
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image: 3010973
grave: 156471
John Dewhurst
image number 3010973
image: 3010975
grave: 156472
Frederick Kaberry
image number 3010975
image: 3010977
grave: 156473
Mary Clare
image number 3010977
image: 3010980
grave: 156474
John Kidson Darby
image number 3010980
image: 3010982
grave: 156475
John William Baines
image number 3010982
image: 3010985
grave: 156476
Jane Neill
image number 3010985
image: 3010987
grave: 156477
Mary Elizabeth Rushton
image number 3010987
image: 3010988
grave: 156478
Jessie Rintoul
image number 3010988
image: 3010989
grave: 156479
William Pearson
image number 3010989
image: 3010990
grave: 156480
Alfred Wharton Dobson
image number 3010990
image: 3010992
grave: 156481
John Beaumont Marshall
image number 3010992
image: 3010995
grave: 156482
Adolph Hess
image number 3010995
image: 3010997
grave: 156483
Thomas Sayers
image number 3010997
image: 3011000
grave: 156484
Clara Ann Holmes
image number 3011000
image: 3011001
grave: 156485
Harriet Scott
image number 3011001
image: 3011002
grave: 156486
Thomas Kelsall Russell
image number 3011002
image: 3011003
grave: 156487
Charles Edward
image number 3011003
image: 3011005
grave: 156488
Sarah Pullan
image number 3011005
image: 3011006
grave: 156489
James Cobb
image number 3011006
image: 3011007
grave: 156490
William Holmes
image number 3011007
image: 3011009
grave: 156491
Marmaduke Spencer Clarkson
image number 3011009

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