James Barker grave monument in St Mary and St Botolph , Whitton, Suffolk, England

James Barker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Barker
1899 first name on monumentage 54 DOB 17 Sept 1845, Wickham Skeith, Suffolk Died 22 Dec 1899 Whitton, Suffolk Relationship to Susannah is husband. He was the sexton of this church until his sudden death
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image: Baker Frank Harold 284
grave: 155379
Frank Harold Baker
image number Baker Frank Harold 284
image: Baker George William 075
grave: 155380
George William Baker
image number Baker George William  075
image: Baker Miriam Eva 101
grave: 155381
Miriam Eva Baker
image number Baker Miriam Eva 101
image: Baker Richard Henry 051
grave: 155382
Richard Henry Baker
image number Baker Richard Henry   051
image: Baker Thirza 301
grave: 155383
Thirza Baker
image number Baker Thirza 301
image: Barc Manfred Karl Heinz 083
grave: 155384
Manfred Karl Heinz Barc
image number Barc Manfred Karl Heinz  083
image: Bardsley Timothy Ronald 152
grave: 155385
Timothy Ronald Bardsley
image number Bardsley Timothy Ronald  152
image: Barfield Mary Ann 230
grave: 155386
Mary Ann Barfield
image number Barfield Mary Ann 230
image: Barfield Mary Ann 270
grave: 155387
Mary Ann Barfield
image number Barfield Mary Ann 270
image: Barker Herbert 145
grave: 155388
Herbert Barker
image number Barker Herbert 145
image: Barker James 209
grave: 155389
James Barker
image number Barker James  209
image: 209
grave: 155390
Susannah Barker
image number 209
image: Barker Michael Kenneth 009
grave: 155391
Michael Kenneth Barker
image number Barker Michael Kenneth   009
image: Barker William H 041
grave: 155392
William H Barker
image number Barker William H 041
image: 041
grave: 155393
Irene Barker
image number 041
image: Barnes Edward T 047
grave: 155394
Edward T Barnes
image number Barnes Edward T 047
image: Barnes Philip 302
grave: 155395
Philip Barnes
image number Barnes Philip   302
image: Baxter Ernest S 046
grave: 155396
Ernest S Baxter
image number Baxter Ernest S   046
image: 099
grave: 155397
Tryphena May Beckwith
image number 099
image: Bell Ena Margaret 010
grave: 155398
Ena Margaret Bell
image number Bell Ena Margaret 010
image: Benham Quilla 025
grave: 155399
Quilla Benham
image number Benham Quilla   025

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