Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 152353Details of grave number 152353 at St Andrew Presbyterian Bendale for Bridget Gooderham

Bridget Gooderham grave monument in St Andrew Presbyterian burial ground, Bendale, Ontario, Canada

Bridget Gooderham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Bridget Gooderham
William E Walton
1910791831wife of Bridget Gooderham

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image: MildredElsieForfar
grave: 152343
A Thomson
image number MildredElsieForfar
image: MryilMadelineThomson
grave: 152344
Mildred E Thomson
image number MryilMadelineThomson
image: MryilMadelineThomson
grave: 152345
Mary Eleanor Thomson
image number MryilMadelineThomson
image: NathanThomson
grave: 152346
Sarah Chester
image number NathanThomson
image: RebeccaChester
grave: 152347
David R Thomson
image number RebeccaChester
image: RebeccaChester
grave: 152348
Richard W Thomson
image number RebeccaChester
image: SarahThomson
grave: 152349
Sarah Thomson
image number SarahThomson
image: WalterOThomson
grave: 152350
Dorothy S Thomson
image number WalterOThomson
image: WalterThomson
grave: 152351
Herbert Allan Thomson
image number WalterThomson
image: WifeofWDThomsonIsabella
grave: 152352
William D Carmichael
image number WifeofWDThomsonIsabella
image: WilliamCarmichael
grave: 152353
Bridget Gooderham
image number WilliamCarmichael
image: WilliamEGooderham
grave: 152354
William E Gooderham
image number WilliamEGooderham
image: WilliamOrmerod
grave: 152355
William Ormerud
image number WilliamOrmerod
image: WilliamPaterson
grave: 152356
William Paterson
image number WilliamPaterson
image: WilliamRThomson
grave: 152357
William R Thomson
image number WilliamRThomson

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