Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 152270Details of grave number 152270 at St James Toronto for Charles Horace Gooderham

Charles Horace Gooderham grave monument in St James burial ground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Charles Horace Gooderham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Horace Gooderham
Eliza Folwell
1927841843wife of Charles Horace Gooderham

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image: IMG_2939
grave: 152260
James Worts
image number IMG_2939
image: IMG_2941
grave: 152261
George Gooderham
image number IMG_2941
image: IMG_2942
grave: 152262
George Gooderham
image number IMG_2942
image: IMG_2942
grave: 152263
Walter H Gooderham
image number IMG_2942
image: IMG_2943
grave: 152264
Robert Turner Gooderham
image number IMG_2943
image: IMG_2942
grave: 152265
Eva Clarabel Gooderham
image number IMG_2942
image: IMG_2944
grave: 152266
Robert Turner Gooderham
image number IMG_2944
image: IMG_2945
grave: 152267
Eva Clarabel Gooderham
image number IMG_2945
image: IMG_2947
grave: 152268
Henry Gooderham
image number IMG_2947
image: IMG_2949
grave: 152269
Muriel Irene Gooderham
image number IMG_2949
image: IMG_2950
grave: 152270
Charles Horace Gooderham
image number IMG_2950
image: IMG_2951
grave: 152271
Emily Olive Gooderham
image number IMG_2951
image: IMG_2952
grave: 152272
Charles William Beatty
image number IMG_2952
image: IMG_2953
grave: 152273
Clifford Gooderham Beatty
image number IMG_2953

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