Alice Fisher grave monument in Peters Memorial Methodist Chapel , Tallarn Green, Wrexham, Wales

Alice Fisher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alice Fisher nee Brassey
1962661896first name on monumentLate of Eglwys Cross Farm
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alice Fisher grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 146881)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Alice Fisher was taken.

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image: DSCF1412
grave: 146871
Amelia Gwendoline Lawrence
image number DSCF1412
image: DSCF1413
grave: 146872
Dennis Earnshaw
image number DSCF1413
image: DSCF1414
grave: 146873
Leonard Caldecott
image number DSCF1414
image: DSCF1415
grave: 146874
William Thomas Bushell
image number DSCF1415
image: DSCF1416
grave: 146875
Gary Richard Wallington
image number DSCF1416
image: DSCF1417
grave: 146876
John Beale Williams
image number DSCF1417
image: DSCF1418
grave: 146877
Naomi Elizabeth Price
image number DSCF1418
image: DSCF1419
grave: 146878
William Michael Da Camara Bird
image number DSCF1419
image: DSCF1420
grave: 146879
Edna Mary Davies
image number DSCF1420
image: DSCF1421
grave: 146880
Derek Schofield
image number DSCF1421
image: DSCF1422
grave: 146881
Alice Fisher
image number DSCF1422
image: DSCF1423
grave: 146882
John Wilfred Pierpoint
image number DSCF1423
image: DSCF1424
grave: 146883
Frank Manning Dimelow
image number DSCF1424
image: DSCF1425
grave: 146884
George Capper Davies
image number DSCF1425
image: DSCF1426
grave: 146885
Albert William Layland
image number DSCF1426
image: DSCF1427
grave: 146886
William Wardle Hockenhull
image number DSCF1427
image: DSCF1428
grave: 146887
Leslie Stephen Done
image number DSCF1428
image: DSCF1429
grave: 146888
Mary Manning
image number DSCF1429
image: DSCF1430
grave: 146889
Arana Young
image number DSCF1430
image: DSCF1431
grave: 146890
William H Partington
image number DSCF1431
image: DSCF1432
grave: 146891
Maybon Shone
image number DSCF1432

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