Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 146195Details of grave number 146195 at St Cewydd Disserth for Thomas Bott Jones

Thomas Bott Jones grave monument in St Cewydd burial ground, Disserth, Powys, Wales

Thomas Bott Jones grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Bott Jones
Thomas Jones
father of Thomas Bott Jones

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image: 1852
grave: 146190
Evan Evans
image number 1852
image: 1853
grave: 146191
Thomas Evans
image number 1853
image: 1855
grave: 146192
Jane Price
image number 1855
image: 1856
grave: 146193
John Philby
image number 1856
image: 1859
grave: 146194
Margaret Jones
image number 1859
image: 1861
grave: 146195
Thomas Bott Jones
image number 1861
image: 1865
grave: 146196
John Philips
image number 1865
image: 1867
grave: 146197
Elizabeth Jones
image number 1867
image: 1868
grave: 146198
John Jones
image number 1868
image: 1870
grave: 146199
Ezekiel Williams
image number 1870
image: 1871
grave: 146200
Elizabeth Davies
image number 1871
image: 1872
grave: 146201
Margaret Lloyd
image number 1872
image: 1875
grave: 146202
W V Thomas
image number 1875

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