John Pallister grave monument in All Saints , Bramham, Yorkshire, England

John Pallister grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Pallister
1890661824first name on monument
Elizabeth Luty nee Pallister
1879281851daughter of John Pallister
Mary Pallister
1902761826wife of John Pallister
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image: 0218
grave: 145504
Thomas Harland
image number 0218
image: 0219
grave: 145505
George Thompson
image number 0219
image: 0220
grave: 145506
Jane Walton
image number 0220
image: 0221
grave: 145507
John Stockdale
image number 0221
image: 0222
grave: 145508
Charles Fowler
image number 0222
image: 0223
grave: 145509
John Houlton
image number 0223
image: 0224
grave: 145510
Ann Thackray
image number 0224
image: 0225
grave: 145511
Robert Burnham
image number 0225
image: 0226
grave: 145512
William Varley
image number 0226
image: 0227
grave: 145513
Charity Thackray
image number 0227
image: 0228
grave: 145514
John Pallister
image number 0228
image: 0229
grave: 145515
George Seston
image number 0229
image: 0230
grave: 145516
Elizabeth Hill
image number 0230
image: 0231
grave: 145517
Joseph Winterburn
image number 0231
image: 0232
grave: 145518
George Thompson
image number 0232
image: 0233
grave: 145519
Mary Johnson
image number 0233
image: 0234
grave: 145520
Elizabeth Wood
image number 0234
image: 0235
grave: 145521
Henry Leckie
image number 0235
image: 0236
grave: 145522
William Sparling
image number 0236
image: 0237
grave: 145523
Elizabeth Sparling
image number 0237
image: 0238
grave: 145524
Elizabeth Whitehead
image number 0238

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