Emma Prockter grave monument in All Saints , Bramham, Yorkshire, England

Emma Prockter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Emma Prockter
186631863first name on monumentSecond dau of John Bovill and Rebecca Prockter
John Bovill Prockter
1905811824father of Emma Prockter
Rebecca Prockter
1872481824mother of Emma Prockter
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image: 0194
grave: 145480
George Richard Lane Fox
image number 0194
image: 0195
grave: 145481
George Lane Fox
image number 0195
image: 0196
grave: 145482
Katherine Mary Anne Fox
image number 0196
image: 0197
grave: 145483
Henry Lane Fox
image number 0197
image: 0198
grave: 145484
James Richard Lane Fox
image number 0198
image: 0199
grave: 145485
Lucy Frances Fox
image number 0199
image: 0200
grave: 145486
Marcia Lane Fox
image number 0200
image: 0201
grave: 145487
Thomas Stead
image number 0201
image: 0202
grave: 145488
Rosina Tindall
image number 0202
image: 0203
grave: 145489
John Dodds
image number 0203
image: 0204
grave: 145490
Emma Prockter
image number 0204
image: 0205
grave: 145491
Ester Leckie
image number 0205
image: 0206
grave: 145492
Thomas Mawer
image number 0206
image: 0207
grave: 145493
Elizabeth Sage
image number 0207
image: 0208
grave: 145494
B B Haigh
image number 0208
image: 0209
grave: 145495
Stephen Wilson
image number 0209
image: 0210
grave: 145496
Christopher Jenkinson
image number 0210
image: 0211
grave: 145497
Thomas Powell
image number 0211
image: 0212
grave: 145498
William Payler
image number 0212
image: 0213
grave: 145499
Tom Pottage
image number 0213
image: 0214
grave: 145500
Mary Smith
image number 0214

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