William Brown grave monument in All Saints burial ground, Otley, Yorkshire, England

William Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Brown
1795 Shoemaker
Ellen Brown
1840 daughter-in-law of William Brown
Sarah Brown
184521843grand daughter of William BrownGrandaughter of Charles and Ellen Brown daughter of their son John aged 20years
Henry Brown
1876 grand son of William Brownson of Charles and Ellen
John Brown
1815 son of William BrownShoemaker
Charles Brown
1844721772son of William BrownShoemaker
Martha Brown
1804701734wife of William Brown
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image: 0073
grave: 141655
Jane Wood
image number 0073
image: 0074
grave: 141656
Mary Simpson
image number 0074
image: 0075
grave: 141657
Joseph Muschamp
image number 0075
image: 0076
grave: 141658
Edmund Jennings
image number 0076
image: 0077
grave: 141659
Henry West
image number 0077
image: 0078
grave: 141660
Thomas Waddington
image number 0078
image: 0079
grave: 141661
Joseph Wilkinson
image number 0079
image: 0080
grave: 141662
Joseph Longfield
image number 0080
image: 0081
grave: 141663
Thomasin Baynes
image number 0081
image: 0082
grave: 141664
William Siddall
image number 0082
image: 0083
grave: 141665
William Brown
image number 0083
image: 0084
grave: 141666
William Elliott
image number 0084
image: 0085
grave: 141667
William Wood
image number 0085
image: 0086
grave: 141668
Mary Naylor
image number 0086
image: 0087
grave: 141669
John Wilson
image number 0087
image: 0088
grave: 141670
John Curtis
image number 0088
image: 0089
grave: 141671
William Curtis
image number 0089
image: 0090
grave: 141672
Helen Dobson
image number 0090
image: 0091
grave: 141673
Hannah Read
image number 0091
image: 0092
grave: 141674
John Braithwaite
image number 0092
image: 0093
grave: 141675
Henry Wyle
image number 0093

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