Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith grave monument in St Peter , Titchfield, Hampshire, England

Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith
1875 1875first name on monument
John Philip Goldsmith
father of Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith
Elizabeth Goldsmith
mother of Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith
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image: 3792
grave: 140278
John Jessey
image number 3792
image: 3793
grave: 140279
William Greene
image number 3793
image: 3796
grave: 140280
Alfred Armstrong
image number 3796
image: 3800
grave: 140281
Harington Wellford Parr
image number 3800
image: 3802
grave: 140282
Henry Lavie
image number 3802
image: 3806
grave: 140283
Sarah Knibbs
image number 3806
image: 3807
grave: 140284
Joseph Mason
image number 3807
image: 3808
grave: 140285
Walter Maude Cosser
image number 3808
image: 3809
grave: 140286
Francis John Cosser
image number 3809
image: 3810
grave: 140287
Elizabeth Fryer
image number 3810
image: 3811
grave: 140288
Elizabeth Mary Goldsmith
image number 3811
image: 3813
grave: 140289
William George Brock
image number 3813
image: 3814
grave: 140290
James Chase
image number 3814
image: 3815
grave: 140291
Hannah Chamberlain
image number 3815
image: 3816
grave: 140292
Phoebe Chamberlain
image number 3816
image: 3818
grave: 140293
Ellen Margaret Smith
image number 3818
image: 3819
grave: 140294
Francis Jerwood Towell
image number 3819
image: 3820
grave: 140295
George Read
image number 3820
image: 3821
grave: 140296
Mary Eliza Price
image number 3821
image: 3822
grave: 140297
John David Smith
image number 3822
image: 3823
grave: 140298
Richard Faithfull
image number 3823

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