Thomas Smith grave monument in Greyfriars , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Thomas Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Smith
1813 first name on monument9th March 1813
Mary Turner Scrymgeour
1887891798relationship not given of Thomas Smith25th March 1887
Thomas Smith
1856741782relationship not given of Thomas Smith25th February 1856
Capt James Smith
1844581786relationship not given of Thomas Smith9th July 1844
Margaret Julia Dick
182121819relationship not given of Thomas Smith22nd April 1821
Mary Anne Keith Dick
1842251817relationship not given of Thomas Smith19th October 1842
Alexander Dick
181611815relationship not given of Thomas Smith22nd May 1816
Sir William Dick
relationship not given of Thomas Smith
Anne Dick
1830391791relationship not given of Thomas Smith1st March 1830
John Smith Cuninghame
1855751780relationship not given of Thomas Smith3rd October 1855
Henry Scrymgeour Wedderburn
relationship not given of Thomas Smith
Margaret Smith
1821 wife of Thomas Smith27th June 1821
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image: 1090229
grave: 138398
Lewis Hay
image number 1090229
image: 1090231
grave: 138399
John Taylor
image number 1090231
image: 1090234
grave: 138400
John Robertson
image number 1090234
image: 1090235
grave: 138401
George Murray
image number 1090235
image: 1090239
grave: 138402
John Turnbull
image number 1090239
image: 1090243
grave: 138403
A R Carson
image number 1090243
image: 1090249
grave: 138404
William Newbigging
image number 1090249
image: 1090250
grave: 138405
David Hunter
image number 1090250
image: 1090253
grave: 138406
Alexander Bannerman
image number 1090253
image: 1090261
grave: 138407
Helen Spittal
image number 1090261
image: 1090264
grave: 138408
Thomas Smith
image number 1090264
image: 1090267
grave: 138409
Mary Christie
image number 1090267
image: 1090268
grave: 138410
Edwin Lindsay
image number 1090268
image: 1090270
grave: 138411
Elizabeth Dalrymple Elphinstone
image number 1090270
image: 1090278
grave: 138412
Francis Blair
image number 1090278
image: 1090280
grave: 138413
Charles Baxter
image number 1090280
image: 1090283
grave: 138414
Barbara Augusta Hamilton
image number 1090283
image: 1090285
grave: 138415
Adam Longmore
image number 1090285
image: 1090286
grave: 138416
John MacGregor
image number 1090286
image: 1090291
grave: 138417
John Gordon
image number 1090291
image: 1090294
grave: 138418
Catharine Gray Scott
image number 1090294

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