Judith Boyce grave monument in St Mary the Virgin , Blundeston, Suffolk, England

Judith Boyce grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Judith Boyce
1812331779first name on monument
Edmund Boyce
father of Judith Boyce
Sarah Boyce
mother of Judith Boyce
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image: 3582
grave: 1356
Martha Jackson
image number 3582
image: 3583
grave: 1357
Mary Spurden
image number 3583
image: 3584
grave: 1358
Elizabeth Smith
image number 3584
image: 3585
grave: 1359
Francis Thurgill
image number 3585
image: 3586
grave: 1360
Francis Thurgill
image number 3586
image: 3587
grave: 1361
Lydia Sewells
image number 3587
image: 3589
grave: 1362
Mary Whiley
image number 3589
image: 3590
grave: 1363
Margaret Moore
image number 3590
image: 3591
grave: 1364
Elizabeth Rounce
image number 3591
image: 3592
grave: 1365
James Rounce
image number 3592
image: 3593
grave: 1366
Judith Boyce
image number 3593
image: 3594
grave: 1367
Thomas Lincoln
image number 3594
image: 3595
grave: 1368
Alice Boyce
image number 3595
image: 3596
grave: 1369
Phillis Wicks
image number 3596
image: 3597
grave: 1370
William Wicks
image number 3597
image: 3599
grave: 1371
Mary Slater
image number 3599
image: 3600
grave: 1372
Barnard Ward
image number 3600
image: 3601
grave: 1373
Edward Whittleton
image number 3601
image: 3602
grave: 1374
William Slater
image number 3602
image: 3604
grave: 1375
James Rounce
image number 3604
image: 3605
grave: 1376
Amelia Rounce
image number 3605

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