Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 132262Details of grave number 132262 at St Wilfrid Pickering for Patrick Gleeson

Patrick Gleeson grave monument in St Wilfrid burial ground, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Patrick Gleeson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Patrick Gleeson
Bridget Gleeson
1877 relationship not given of Patrick Gleeson

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Patrick Gleeson grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 132262)

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image: 3842
grave: 132254
Stephen Smith
image number 3842
image: 3843
grave: 132255
Mary Sullivan
image number 3843
image: 3844
grave: 132256
Atherine Clark
image number 3844
image: 3845
grave: 132257
Michael Burns
image number 3845
image: 3846
grave: 132258
Edward McGinty
image number 3846
image: 3847
grave: 132259
Ellen Carlan
image number 3847
image: 3848
grave: 132260
Patrick Quigly
image number 3848
image: 3849
grave: 132261
Mary O'Leary
image number 3849
image: 3851
grave: 132262
Patrick Gleeson
image number 3851
image: 3852
grave: 132263
Mercilla Magunse
image number 3852
image: 3853
grave: 132264
Woods McNally
image number 3853
image: 3854
grave: 132265
John McGuire
image number 3854
image: 3855
grave: 132266
Hanorah Walsh
image number 3855
image: 3856
grave: 132267
Mary O'Grady
image number 3856
image: 3859
grave: 132268
John Gleeson
image number 3859
image: 3860
grave: 132269
Thomas Quigly
image number 3860
image: 3862
grave: 132270
Anne Power
image number 3862
image: 3863
grave: 132271
John McCormack
image number 3863
image: 3864
grave: 132272
James Anstey
image number 3864

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