Francis Dudley grave monument in St Paul (lower churchyard) , Ludgvan, Cornwall, England

Francis Dudley grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Francis Dudley
1895681827first name on monument
Jane Dudley
1911821829wife of Francis Dudley
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image: 144
grave: 129415
Johanna Trembath
image number 144
image: 145
grave: 129416
Honor Davy Thomas
image number 145
image: 146
grave: 129417
William Hutchens
image number 146
image: 147
grave: 129418
Henry Taylor
image number 147
image: 148
grave: 129419
Benjamin Williams
image number 148
image: 149
grave: 129420
John Hawke
image number 149
image: 150
grave: 129421
John Curnow
image number 150
image: 151
grave: 129422
John Johns
image number 151
image: 152
grave: 129423
John Charles Rosevear
image number 152
image: 153
grave: 129424
Martha Reed Carlyon
image number 153
image: 154
grave: 129425
Francis Dudley
image number 154
image: 155
grave: 129426
John Staple
image number 155
image: 156
grave: 129427
Catherine Phillips
image number 156
image: 157
grave: 129428
John Pearce
image number 157
image: 158
grave: 129429
Matthew Rodda
image number 158
image: 159
grave: 129430
Simon Semmens
image number 159
image: 160
grave: 129431
George Trewren
image number 160
image: 161
grave: 129432
Thomas Osborne
image number 161
image: 162
grave: 129433
Robert Trewren
image number 162
image: 163
grave: 129434
Mary Jane Williams
image number 163
image: 164
grave: 129435
Charles Roach
image number 164

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