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Susan Elizabeth Walker grave monument in St Peter and St Paul burial ground, Pettistree, Suffolk, England

Susan Elizabeth Walker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Susan Elizabeth Walker nee Peirson
Charles Peirson
father of Susan Elizabeth Walker
Jacob Walker
husband of Susan Elizabeth Walker
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Susan Elizabeth Walker grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 126740)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Susan Elizabeth Walker was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Susan Elizabeth Walker below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Susan Elizabeth Walker grave.

image: Morgan Geoffrey 050
grave: 126700
Geoffrey Morgan
image number Morgan Geoffrey  050
image: Muriel Catherine Meliora 175
grave: 126701
Catherine Meliora Muriel
image number Muriel Catherine Meliora 175
image: Musk Francis 095
grave: 126702
Francis Musk
image number Musk Francis  095
image: Myngs Christopher 046
grave: 126703
Christopher Myngs
image number Myngs Christopher  046
image: Nunn George 017
grave: 126704
George Nunn
image number Nunn George  017
image: Page Aline 180
grave: 126705
Aline Page
image number Page Aline 180
image: Parker Alice Mary 124
grave: 126706
Alice Mary Parker
image number Parker Alice Mary  124
image: Pearson Dorothy May 079
grave: 126707
Dorothy May Pearson
image number Pearson Dorothy May   079
image: Pearson Fanny 033
grave: 126708
Fanny Pearson
image number Pearson Fanny  033
image: 068
grave: 126709
Charles Peirson
image number 068
image: 068
grave: 126710
Joseph Robert Peirson
image number 068
image: Peck Mary Idonea 042
grave: 126711
Mary Idonea Peck
image number Peck Mary Idonea  042
image: Peck Rosa Ann 022
grave: 126712
Rosa Ann Peck
image number Peck Rosa Ann  022
image: Pilling Lucy Ann 035
grave: 126713
Lucy Ann Pilling
image number Pilling Lucy Ann  035
image: Pond Laurence William 023
grave: 126714
Laurence William Pond
image number Pond Laurence William  023
image: Poulson Charles Arthur 085
grave: 126715
Charles Arthur Poulson
image number Poulson Charles Arthur  085
image: Randall Maria 123
grave: 126716
Maria Randall
image number Randall Maria  123
image: Revett Edgar William George 056
grave: 126717
Edgar William George Revett
image number Revett Edgar William George  056
image: Revett Benjamin 057
grave: 126718
Benjamin Revett
image number Revett Benjamin 057
image: Richards Easter 158a
grave: 126719
Easter Richards
image number Richards Easter  158a
image: Richards Easter 158b
grave: 126720
Easter Richards
image number Richards Easter 158b
image: Richards Scipio Edward 158c
grave: 126721
Scipio Edward Richards
image number Richards Scipio Edward 158c
image: Rowlands Pheobe 056
grave: 126722
Pheobe Rowlands
image number Rowlands Pheobe  056
image: Showell John Henry 044
grave: 126723
John Henry Showell
image number Showell John Henry  044
image: Simpson Jeremiah 133
grave: 126724
Jeremiah Simpson
image number Simpson Jeremiah  133
image: Smith Emma 135
grave: 126725
Emma Smith
image number Smith Emma 135
image: Smith James 074
grave: 126726
James Smith
image number Smith James  074
image: Smith John Ibrooke 037
grave: 126727
John Ibrooke Smith
image number Smith John Ibrooke 037
image: Smith William 136
grave: 126728
William Smith
image number Smith William 136
image: Smith William 141
grave: 126729
William Smith
image number Smith William  141
image: Smy Frederick Philip 048
grave: 126730
Frederick Philip Smy
image number Smy Frederick Philip 048
image: Threadkell Lucy 040
grave: 126731
Lucy Threadkell
image number Threadkell Lucy  040
image: Thurkettle John 042
grave: 126732
John Thurkettle
image number Thurkettle John  042
image: Thurkettle I C 137
grave: 126733
I C Thurkettle
image number Thurkettle I C 137
image: Tyte Iris Gertrude 063
grave: 126734
Iris Gertrude Tyte
image number Tyte Iris Gertrude 063
image: Tyte Melvin Graham 065
grave: 126735
Melvin Graham Tyte
image number Tyte Melvin Graham  065
image: 068
grave: 126736
Julia Augusta Van Bergen
image number 068
image: 068
grave: 126737
Julia Augusta Van Bergen
image number 068
image: 068
grave: 126738
Charles Peirson
image number 068
image: 068
grave: 126739
Joseph Robert Peirson
image number 068
image: 068
grave: 126740
Susan Elizabeth Walker
image number 068
image: Vickers Henry Renwick 049
grave: 126741
Henry Renwick Vickers
image number Vickers Henry Renwick  049
image: W A 071
grave: 126742
image number W A  071
image: 077a
grave: 126743
Susan Walker
image number 077a
image: 077
grave: 126744
Susan Walker
image number 077
image: Waspe Frederick 090
grave: 126745
Frederick Waspe
image number Waspe Frederick 090
image: Waspe Jonathan Orford 087
grave: 126746
Jonathan Orford Waspe
image number Waspe Jonathan Orford  087
image: Waspe Jonathan Orford 087
grave: 126747
Jonathan Orford Waspe
image number Waspe Jonathan Orford  087
image: Webster Doris Elizabeth 081
grave: 126748
Doris Elizabeth Webster
image number Webster Doris Elizabeth  081
image: Welton Robert 145
grave: 126749
Robert Welton
image number Welton Robert  145
image: 173
grave: 126750
Anne Elizabeth Whitbread
image number 173
image: Whitbread Gordon 192
grave: 126751
Gordon Whitbread
image number Whitbread Gordon 192
image: 173
grave: 126752
Jacob Whitbread
image number 173
image: 173
grave: 126753
Louisa Whitbread
image number 173
image: Whitehand Ethel Jane 045
grave: 126754
Ethel Jane Whitehand
image number Whitehand Ethel Jane 045
image: Whiteley Dorothy Helen 082
grave: 126755
Dorothy Helen Whiteley
image number Whiteley Dorothy Helen  082
image: Whitfield Eric Nicholson 086
grave: 126756
Eric Nicholson Whitfield
image number Whitfield Eric Nicholson  086
image: Wigan Denis Grey 190
grave: 126757
Denis Grey Wigan
image number Wigan Denis Grey 190
image: Woodley Ernest John 013
grave: 126758
Ernest John Woodley
image number Woodley Ernest John  013
image: Wyard Randolphi 181
grave: 126759
Randolphi Wyard
image number Wyard Randolphi 181

Less thumbnails will be displayed if Susan Elizabeth Walker grave photograph was takens either near the beginning or the end of the photographic session. Instead of an image you will see one or more small boxes similar to the one shown below:

If you use this system to help find a grave, please let others know how well it went by using the GPR comments system.

This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.